Friday, August 05, 2005

"The Men" Update

Ok, gotta update you on the men. This will be a brief recap from the last two weeks. Wow, I am really THAT behind.

Guy #1...Mr. Brazilian I wanna sleep with you guy who obviously must think I truly am a "repressed american" since I never heard from him after our second date. Yea, the one where he asked me if we were going to my place or his. I am NOT in this dating game for a booty call...well, that's a perk but I am in it for the long haul. To find a guy I feel is worth opening myself up to and to experience the ups and downs of a long term relationship with. Obviously, this guy was NOT it. And Valerie moves on...

Guy #2...Mr. Lives Far but is Cool guy. We have talked practically everyday since the week after I got back from my vacation. We've had three dates with date #4 and date #5 coming up this weekend. I find myself thinking about him throughout the day and wanting to talk to him. I haven't liked someone this way in so long that I am finding it very strange...but cool. I think he may just be feeling the same way. Things are still very new and I am not sure where they are headed but I am looking forward to the possibilities. Guy #2 is a keeper in my book.

Guy #3...Mr. Needs to Get Over Himself. If there is one thing I cannot stand is last minute planners and those that insist it be on their terms. I had a date set up with this guy two weeks ago to the day. We were supposed to meet up for drinks and see where things went. At 7pm, that Friday night, he calls me to arrange the actual meet up. Um, yea...this does not fly in my book. I already had one foot out the door to go shopping! He calls me and I ask him what is going on and he says that he would still like to 930pm! Yea, I don't think so. I ask to reschedule and he says it's either that night or we cancel outright because he was going to leave for Mexico City in a week for a month. What?! Well, what was the point of meeting if he was going to leave for a month. I told him if he still wanted to meet me after he came back to call me and we'd see if we set something up. He says fine and that he would send me pictures during his trip so I "wouldn't forget about him". Yea, whatever...I haven't heard from him and I'll die before being a "beck and call" girl. I've tossed that one in the crapper.

Guy #4...Mr. On my Time. A little reminiscent of Guy #3. Calls at the last minute like I have nothing better to do than wait for him to call me on the weekend to go out for the same day. Doesn't he know that there are rules? You do not call a girl Saturday afternoon to go out that same afternoon or evening unless you two are very good friends or already in the midst of dating. In the beginning and especially for a first date, that is a huge no-no! We had been playihng email and phone tag for the longest time and I finally heard back from him last night. Considering things with Guy #2 are heading in a direction that I like, I don't want to meet Guy #4. So I've bid him adieu. Bye Guy #4.

So all I have is Guy #2 who I hope sticks around for a while. Wish me luck!!

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