Monday, November 28, 2011

TUSAL and Hallow Eden

Just a quick post today since I'm feeling a little down in the dumps and un-chatty. Don't worry...I'm hoping to snap out of it soon. T'is the season and all...Fa La La.

I have my TUSAL update. How about you? Did you want to join in on all the TUSAL fun next year? Go sign up on Daffycat's blog. It's fun and you can have a jar of orts at the end of the year just like me!

I didn't get as much done on Hallow Eden as I had hoped (see: down in the dumps) but I forced myself to get some stitching done.
That was probably not the best idea since Adam is now a stitch taller than Eve and the tree is somehow a stitch higher than it should be...or lower. I can't figure it out. Seeing as I like my men taller than me anyways, I am leaving Adam alone and I'll just add another row of dark brown at the bottom of the tree trunk to even things out. I've no idea how my counting went wrong but I am hoping that is all and I don't encounter more errors once I get to the leaves. I hope to continue and maybe (?!) finish Hallow Eden by the weekend. I would really like to get back to Christmas stitching and have a NotForgotten Farm design plus my stocking to stitch before the year is over. Ok...stop laughing! I'm at least going to try!

I survived one holiday...only one more to go! On Friday, I went to Union Square along with 50 kajillion other crazy people. I, however, did not go there to shop and the only time I went into Macy's was to use the bathroom. Thank you Macy's! Not only were there shoppers. There were ice skaters. There were a ton of police officers in riot helmets along with a bunch of Occupy Black Friday protesters. I was a little surprised to see so many riot cops since I didn't even know this Occupy Black Friday stuff was even going on! I saw kittens. And I saw puppies. And I saw the great huge tree in Union Square light up!
It's officially the holiday season! Happy Holidays folks.

Until next merry and bright.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Randomness & IHSW

Let's start off with the randomness...shall we.

*My parents have been blowing up my work phone lately and asking me if I am busy. If I'm at work, it's good to assume I am busy and that I definitely won't be patient to discuss things like the cable bill and whatever else isn't an emergency but seems to be really important to an 80+ year old! Really? When I was a kid, I had better be at the nurses station half passed out and delirious with fever before I even thought of calling them at work. If I was raised like that, then I expect that as an adult too. I'm busy and work is too in flux for them to be calling me with unimportant matters.

*After the events of the last week, I have no patience whatsoever for my parents' negative doom and gloom outlook. Ugh! Be happy you're alive. Find a hobby! Enjoy the day! Read a book!

*I canceled a date on Sunday at the last minute. I try not to be one of those. I made the general plans...lunch and a downtown stroll where the guy lived since I wasn't familiar. All he had to do was pick a place to meet. I still didn't know where we were meeting 3 hours before we were supposed to meet. Major peeve. MAJOR! I am not going to get dolled up, drive 45 minutes away, in the rain, for some guy who can't even pick a lunch place. Pick a lunch place already! OMG!

*Sometimes, it just feels right to stay in your pajamas until 3pm.

*I am dreading Thanksgiving. Let's just get it over with already! I need to decorate for Christmas. And has November passed so quickly?!

*Why must people stand so close to you at the grocery check out? Back up lady! I'll be done soon...unless you want to pay for my groceries. Then by all means...crowd me and hand over some money!

*Sometimes words speak louder than actions. Like that guy who chased me up the stairs last night. Tell me you're a neighbor and locked out instead of being creepy, chasing me up the stairs in an effort to get into the building and scaring the crap out of me. Jeez! I'd have called the property manager to verify you lived there and let you in. Instead I wish I could have maced you.

I had a work meeting today that ensured that my job is safe but that we need to move offices. The move is not ideal as I see a personality clash with someone who works in the proposed space. But beggars can't be choosers...

*I wonder if a kind Pinterest addict/reader would send me an invite request referral thingie so I can start pinning? I heard that Pinterest fulfills those requests first... Pretty please... Edited: Thank you, Thank you...I woke up to lots of invite emails. You are all the bestest!

*And in case you were wondering...I did buy the dress.
Now to find a party to wear my new dress to!

So it was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! Did you all hermit and stitch? I had a pretty hermitty weekend which was perfect since a good portion of it was rainy and cold. I changed most of my weekend plans around so that I could be lazy but I was a tad distracted with this.
I had a day to read it because it was due to the library and I couldn't renew it...again. It was a very good book although some bits were pretty trashy. The baseline of the story was interesting. American lady becomes an asset for the Resistance against the Nazi regime during WWII in Paris. I loved the bits that mentioned locales within Paris. It allowed me to reminisce and think about what it was like in the 40's, during my favorite fashion era.

And I was also distracted by this.
I have a kabillion DMC skeins to wind.
I apparently have a long way to go to fill this jammer box! Does anyone else's hand cramp up when they wind bobbins? I have the feeling this will be a slow process.

But I got a little bit of stitching in. I am still working on Plum Street Samplers' Hallow Eden. It's a little odd working on Halloweeny stitching when it's over now but I fear that if I stop, I won't finish.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if we don't speak soon, may you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time...

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello my lovelies...I'm back! Did you all miss me? I missed you all. Apparently lots happened while I was gone and I came back to a majillion posts to catch up on and it's taken me days!

New York...was amazing! I had a wonderful time and have some writing to do and photos to resize to share with you all. The weather cooperated and I was freaking out for nothing. I walked so much...I should be down to 100 pounds! Yea, who am I kidding!

Things since my return have been a bit sad with the death of good friend's dad, some worries about job stability and feeling like I've been hit by a truck exhausted.

I just wanted to let you all know I had fun and got home safely but am in a quiet mood with very little stitching going on since I've been either burrowed under blankets or sleeping in my spare time due to this tiredness. If I'm getting sick...let it happen already! Much too busy to be this tired and not feeling entirely myself.

I am here...keeping up on blogs and forever behind with emails and always thinking on you all even if I'm a little quiet and otherwise mentally preoccupied with the little curveballs that life throws. Hug your loved ones tight and often. I give you all a virtual *hug*.

Until next time...