Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Surprise from Carol R.!

And as if getting a lovely giftie from Carol S. wasn't a great way to start off birthday festivities, I received a lovely package from Carol R. from the UK!. I was very excited to get that package and I tore into it immedately despite the insanely late hour and the good amount of celebratory cocktails I had that evening. Each thing I pulled out made me smile even wider in happiness and awe. I stole...oh, um...borrowed...the photo of the beautifully stitched and finished pincushion from Carol's blog. Isn't it lovely?! I'm in awe...must study and learn from Carol! She stitched both our names and the year along the perimeter sides of the little "box". I absolutely love it!!
And to make me even giddier and smilier, she included lots of goodies. I will have to update with a photo. There were some lovely swaroski pins and matching beaded scissor fob, some deep blue ribbon that will come in handy, a couple of cute little clips and some of the infamous floss tags that Carol makes herself with my name on one side and fluffy clouds on the other. What makes the floss tags even more special is that Carol told me she had take a picture of the sky from her English garden and that the clouds on the tags are printed from that photo. Wow! They are English clouds! Awesome!

And I must not forget to mention the lovely piecce of linen, backing fabric and very cute birthday card she sent me as well. I was so completely and totally spoiled. Carol, thank you for everything. It made my special day even more special.

Happy Birthday to me indeed! :)

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Carol R said...

I don't mind you borrowing my picture! Glad you liked your gift.