Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

The title says it all.

*The boy* isn't having any luck on the job front here and the strain of his lack of employment, money, mobility...everything that could have happened that did happen...has taken a toll on our relationship.

Despite loving each other and trying our hardest, the stars are so mis-aligned. Nothing we do is working and sometimes, you just have to step away.

It's hard. It's sad. It's depressing. It is heartbreaking. Neither of us really want to be apart but what he can provide isn't enough for me and we aren't being fair to each other.

Unless he gets a miraculous job offer in the next few days that will pay him a decent amount of money, he'll be heading back east. Maybe Boston would be kinder to him...give him a job. San Francisco is being unforgiving. There's a little bit of planning to do so he can go back East but it will all happen soon.

And now I'm faced with being single again...and alone...and pretty much friendless. Well, friendless in the "not having local friends that can get drunk with me at the nearby bar" type of friends. Frankly, most of my friends are in a different place than me that I feel like I am a third wheel and don't really belong.

It's hard when you try and try and try and no matter how much you do try, nothing works. I already know a lot of people think this should have happened ages ago. I tried to prove them wrong.

So I won't be blogging much or stitching much or returning phone calls much or emails much. I apologize to those who are waiting for anything from me. I won't be doing much of anything except crying, healing and working on my work deadlines, even though work is the last place I want to be. Sharon and Lisa, it may be a while before I get your gifties in the mail too.

I wish I had good news but good news never seems to find me. I know I sound low...but I think I'm allowed.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SBQ and Announcement

First of all, Lee at Lake Stitcher has brought the SBQ (Stitching Bloggers Question) back to life! Yay! I remember when I first started talking about stitching on my blog, I googled a ton and was amazed that 1. there were so many stitchy blogs and 2. there was this whole community stemming from it including the SBQ. But at the point I discovered it, I was still a little too shy to fling myself into it full-throttle and the SBQ kind of drifted away. This month's question is:

Suppose we say that there are two types of stitchers.

There are those who enjoy the “process” of stitching. They stitch for stitching’s sake and if something gets finished, so much the better, but it’s not necessarily the end goal. Primarily, it’s the application of needle and thread to cloth that makes them happiest.

Then there are those who are “project” stitchers. They move steadily through their projects, certainly enjoying their stitching time, but finding their greatest joy in the completed stitching.

If you had to pick one to describe yourself, which type of stitcher would you be? I imagine that we could all say that we fall somewhere in between, but really think hard about this and try to pick just one. And once you’ve decided whether you’re a Process or Project stitcher, tell us if your recognize that approach in other parts of your life.

I am definitely a project stitcher. Hands down. Some projects speak to me and I fly through them and others, I grumble through (remember that Snapper Year border?! ugh!), curse them and really want to throw them out the window. I finish them though and when I do, I hang it in full view for me to see and I feel so happy and excited and confident when I finish something. I tend to really be a one at a time stitcher. It's only now that I kind of juggle multiple projects but not very well. Since I'm a project stitcher, I don't have very many wips or ufos. My actual wips are Letter C, Boo Club and Mary Wigham and well...that Mary hasn't seen the light of day since January. She yells LOUD! The ufos are a christmas stocking on Aida and Newton (which I kind of hate). There are a few projects out there that have a few stitches in them but I don't count them anymore. The stitches are so few that they may as well be unstarted. So I'm a project stitcher.

I'm a process stash buyer by the looks of my growing stash cabinet! lol

Onto the announcement. I've decided to do the draw for my party favors! The first prize goes to Daffycat/Sharon and second prize goes to Lisa! Congratulations ladies! Thanks to everyone for entering my party draw! Sharon and Lisa, I've got your addys so no worries. I just ask that you be patient. Work has been something fierce and I just haven't had the time to get things together. I'll get your packages out in the next couple of weeks or so.

Work has been insane and it's only going to get crazier! Ugh! I have barely been stitching after work. Yesterday, I actually read. That means I'm just too pooped to do anything else. I've got lots to do in the next 19 days. I am going to lose my head...just in time for my vacation. And because of that, I may not be blogging as much.

I'm exhausted already. I have the feeling tonight will be an early night. *yawn*

Until next time...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Saturday Progress

It's been a busy week and it's only going to turn into a busy month. So stitching during the week was scarce. Last Sunday night, I decided to start Letter C. This will be a gift for my niece, Cristina's sweet sixteen. I sure hope she doesn't peek on here but I doubt it what with my tendency to drop the f-bomb once in a while. By Friday night, this is all I had done. Not much.
On Saturday, we ran some errands and I snoozed through the afternoon due to burrito overload. I really need to lay off the heavy food and eat more salads! I keep falling into food comas lately. About 6pm, I loaded up on some strong coffee because I really wanted to stitch. This is how much I got done in an evening.
I would have gotten more done if I could just stop browsing on the computer! Someone please put a padlock on this sucker. For someone who made a "no stash" resolution, not only did I fall off the bandwagon but I've outdone myself. Lots of inspiration on the web and lots of "add to cart" clicking.

I really enjoy Mirabilia/Nora Corbett designs. *The boy* is amazed that I can ass-plant and forgo food and liquids if need be and just stitch away. The new Ott-lite is a total sightsaver too. Love it! But there is something about the whimsical view of Nora's that just makes me want to see fairies come to life. One day, I'll actually have some fairies, ladies and mermaids to add to my wall. The only thing I don't really like about these letters are that there is a good amount of fractional stitches which I think are a pain. There weren't that many in Letter G but there seem to be a ton in this Letter C. I've progressed to the wings and will do the water effect and fillin soon. I will save the face and skin for last so my fairy will look weird for a while. I am debating whether I want to do over 1 skin. I figure it would be easier to do at the end so I won't mess up converting over 2 to over 1 in my head if that's what I decide to do.

Letter C is being stitched completely as charted...down to the fabric. 32 count Waterlily Belfast with recommended Crescent Colors. I wish this Waterlily would photograph well. It's a greenish-gray color in real life.

I haven't forgotten about my draw. I am postponing it for the simple fact I got sidetracked with Letter C that I didn't do the finishing I was supposed to. Sorry to leave you hanging but I'll do it as soon as possible!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Until next time...