Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OMG...Is it F*ckin' June Already!?!?

What the heck happened?! FUCK!

Yea, yea...I've heard it from a lot of you. I haven't blogged in AGES! But seriously...how did it become June? *sigh*

So where did I leave off in the story of my life? Oh yea...Chicago!

So Chicago was a great trip but it was way too short and a little disappointing. I know a lot of people love Chicago but I was left with a feeling that I would only really go back to Chicago if it was convenient and only because there were quite a few things that I didn't get to see or experience that I really wish I had. I wish we had time to go to a jazz or blues club and relax and take advantage of the nightlife and the 4am alcohol curfew. In Chicago, bars are open until 4am! Can you believe it? It sounds fantastic to me. There were some Deco architecture tours I'd have loved to check out but the tours were not available on the days that we were there. Not to mention the boat tour.

When we first booked out trip, we were under the assumption that Chicago in May was fantastic! Spring weather, sunshine, light breeze...great walking around the city and be a tourist weather. Instead...we encountered with frigid, cold, borderline threatening to rain weather. We walked around in heavy jackets, scarves and gloves and would periodically stop, look at each other and say "it's fucking cold!". Actually...we probably said that like every block because it WAS fucking cold. The weather definitely put a crimp in our mood and in some of our plans.

But we did some fun stuff like see the view of Chicago from the Hancock Conservatory, walked the Magnificent Mile many, many times, shopped, went to millennium Park, checked out the Art Institute and tried a bunch of trendy (but not necessarily fantastic) restaurants.

What was fantastic? The sidecars at the Westin Bar...mmmmmmm....sidecars! After a couple of those, I can transport myself back to the 40's where I'm in a cute dress and flirting with a fab guy in a zoot suit. What...oh...sorry...daydreaming. And the margaritas were really good at Frontera Grill.

But you know...I would not advise anyone to repeat the same trip we made...too little time and with the flying out to Chicago at the break of dawn on a Saturday and coming back late Monday...we were beat! We tried to be party people and gear up to go out and have fun but as 11pm came around, the nodding off started as well as the uncontrollable yawning and the heavy eyelids. Gawd, we suck! See what old age starts doing to ya! =)

So that is the recap on Chicago...and yet so much has happened since. I swear, I will get caught up!! Stay tuned...


Just Me said...

Finally! An update! LOL! I'm glad my not-so-subtle hints finally got to you! Now I'll just sit back and wait for some juicer updates to sink my teeth into! LOL!

Love Ya Sweetie!

Kelster said...

wow. dust off the cobwebs and give us more news!!!