Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sick and Dying...

*tickle, tickle*, *cough, cough*

Uh-oh...a sore throat brings much foreboding. But I didn't think about it much on Tuesday. It was an annoyance really. I hate sore throats with a passion. I don't like feeling that irritation...the itch which inevitably brings about coughing. Maybe if I ignored would go away.

Oh...if only I were so lucky. Wednesday came and went and I felt about the same. A friend convinced me to go to dinner and I went with the theory that I needed to eat anyways. The sore throat, hot weather (90+ degrees) and the food...made me extra sleepy and tired. I was not feeling well at all! Thursday came...along with a cough and sneezing. For something that I thought I could ignore and would go away...this ailment was definitely making it's presence known...and not in a way that I appreciated. I was so exhausted and lethargic. My brain kept going around in circles about all the stuff I should do or needed to do but the fact of that matter was that my body was failing me. I was sick...I just wasn't quite ready to accept the reality.

That is until Friday...I woke up with a raw throat and a *bubble head*. I was so congested...talking and breathing was difficult. I could not go into work like that! Despite having a growing pile of projects to complete and things to double check due to constant miscommunications with other departments. I could not go how. I called my coworker to explain and left a message for one of the bosses and stayed home all day. Ok...almost all day. I had to get groceries so I could feed the cold. That was difficult in itself considering I was having breathing issues due to the congestion. Most of the day, I stayed in bed and daydreamed about all the things I wanted to do...go check out a movie...go to Ti Couz and pick at my favorite seafood salad and ice tea and relax...go get my nails done...all that sounded fabulous! Until I snapped back to reality and remembered that I was in fact sick and this was not a hooky day. Gawd, how I wished it was a hooky day so I can catch up on my personal *wants* and relish the beautiful weather. Instead, I was coughing, sneezing, hacking, doped up on meds and lucky if I could even make it down the 50 steps to the street and to the car without passing out. Friday was not a good all.

Saturday came around and I thought it was better. I felt better...less sore throat but still with the cough and congestion. I decided to keep my appointment for a facial and do a little shopping. I was fine for a while and then got tired and decided I best get home. Once I got home, things took a turn for the worse. My eye started bugging me and bottom line was I gave myself a damn eye infection. So I basically traded in that sore throat for a red, oozing, swollen eye. Great...really attractive! Didn't help that I had a date planned for the next day that I had to cancel entirely. Basically...things sucked up the wazoo! I do not make a good sick person. I get angry and whiny and impatient and agitated. I was so unhappy that I was missing out on a fantastic, beautiful weekend and had no control over my body whatsoever. It's awful when your body betrays you!

And by Sunday...I was downright miserable. I managed to get a doctors appointment to get the meds I needed to get rid of all my ailments. Medical technology is a wonderful thing...drugs are even better. I am hoping that by cough, eye grossness, congestion and throat issues are long gone. I need to enjoy the next weekend...nice weather, fireworks, Fourth of July. My F-ed up body better get back on track by then or I will be highly upset with myself. I need to have fun and enjoy the city.

Ugh, I HATE being sick!!!

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