Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I do a lot of embarrassing things. Frankly, online dating is the biggest thing. I mean, when you break it apart, I’m basically advertising myself on the internet, pictures and all, in the hopes of meeting someone interesting enough to date, have a relationship with, etc. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I come out with a lot of interesting stories but no real match.

To break things up, I’ll post on Craigslist once in a while just to see what I get. I basically steal my Match profile and post it on CL with no picture and add a couple of sentences on stats. For the most part, I get a lot of babies and a lot of old men. I guess men don’t know how to read considering I state my preferences about age, height and nationality right in the ad. Disappointing…the state of men is incredibly dismal…at least in the SF Bay Area, it is.

So imagine my surprise when one day I got an email in my inbox that basically says “Is your name Valerie? You sound like an old friend of mine that I lost contact with.” Actually, I was shocked. Nowhere in my ad do I state my name, where I live, what I do or anything that can truly tie me to my *real* identity. I like hiding behind my computer until someone intrigues me enough to come out into the open. The guy who sent me the email was actually an old friend. Old as in I’ve known him for a number of years but have played this disappearing act on each other a couple of times now. The last time I talked to him was four years ago! It was nice to hear from him, albeit a little embarrassing considering how he found me. Great…finding me through the personals. Totally embarrassing!!

That initial email was about a month ago. Obviously, I’m behind on my blogging! Since then *K* and I have hung out and emailed back and forth a few times. After four years, it feels like there is a lot to catch up on. We work opposite schedules with me working days and him working nights so conversation and communication is a little difficult especially considering I’m an email person and he’s a phone person. Phones…eewwwww!!!

So I guess that’s a lesson that Craigslist isn’t a complete cesspool if it can re-unite you with old friends.

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a~m said...

Slummin' on CL can be fun! I used to use it to break up a boring PCX afternoon. Now I'm all curious about the one non-weirdo I met on there and what he's up to.