Friday, April 13, 2007

It's a Small World After All

It’s amazing how small the world, or shall I say the Bay Area is! I never thought that living in the city. I didn’t run into people I knew on the street very often and I felt a sense of being anonymous if I wanted to be. That suited me wonderfully when I started off on Match. All my close friends knew I was on this crazy online dating site and were entertained by the weird an obscure stories. I never worried about having to come face to face with an anonymous match guy in real life unless I actually wanted to meet them. But that sense of anonymity disappeared when I moved to the Peninsula. All of the Peninsula is about the same population as the city itself but the Peninsula covers more miles. You’d think that it would be more anonymous down here than in the city!

Since moving to sunny suburbia, I’ve ran into match guys just minding my own business…obviously unplanned and unexpected. The mattress store guy was a little awkward. I just wanted to take care of my mattress problem not see or deal with this guy who winked at me and I ignored.

I also didn’t want to see the guy I told was boring because all he talked about was cooking. Really…like a girl needs a play-by-play of how heirloom tomatoes are made, especially when said girl subsists on salads, sandwiches and other assorted easy to make items. Obviously…if making heirloom tomatoes requires more than four ingredients and fifteen minutes to make…I’m not interested! But, I, of course, run into said boring cook at the Symphony. My friend was probably laughing at how I was trying to make myself appear unnoticeable so I wouldn’t have to actually talk to the boring cook guy. Geez, can’t a girl just enjoy the Symphony without running into random people that she borderline insulted?! Ummm…yea?!

So the topper to the *running into anonymous Match guys in real-life* dilemma occurred about two months ago. Hellow!! So behind on the blogging! But about two months ago, I had a meeting with some of the guys at the station. And the alarm rang...they had to go to a call but I wasn't done with my portion of the meeting. So they asked me to come along and that when they were done with the call, we would regroup. on the engine...this could be fun! And is was. The call was a huge waste of's completely amazing how stupid people can be. Did someone really need to tell this lady that if she's got a cast on her right foot, she probably shouldn't drive?! I mean, that's pretty common sense to me! While everyone was busy with first aid, report taking and picture taking...I hung back and just watched...and then I noticed two motorcycle cops drive up. And as I watch them join the mass amount of people helping the incredibly stupid woman, I get that funny feeling about one of the cops. Do I know him from somewhere? He looks awfully familiar? you see where this is going? Exactly?! He looks awfully that guy on Match. Weird! couldn't be. So I ask one of the guys if he knows the cops name and then goes into these obscene little rant about how I must think the cop is hot and how I want to see him in nothing but his gun belts and boots. OK...the boots are cool but I don't really want to see the guy naked. I just want to know his name to fulfill my curiousity! And I finally get close enough to read the namebadge and I'm convinced it's the match guy. That match guy that blew me off twice and had the nerve to contact me a third time and whom I consequently blew off in return. Sweet revenge! I confirmed his identity by asking a friend of mine who happens to be a co-worker of his and when I determined it was him, I was so annoyed that he wasn't upfront in the first place, that I confronted him in email. I went off about how he should be careful who he blows off because you never know when you'll run into them in real life. Apparently, he didn't recognize me at the call and I had to explain the whole thing to him. Stupid...stupid! And after all that, he still had the nerve to ask me out...again! Stupid!

So needless to say, I'm pretty wary about online dating now if I'm going to be running into these guys in real life when I least suspect it. I like going about my business without being worried when the next weird match guy is going to jump around the corner! You just don't think about how small the world really is because when you look at a sure does look really, really big. But you know what? It's not big at all.

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