Friday, August 03, 2007

The Eager and The Excited

Lots of changes at work...good ones. Things'll be busy for the next few months in terms of recruiting and right now I am getting a taste of it by handling my first ever recruitment...for firefighters. That means that there are a lot of eager and excited young guys out there trying to be heroes.

On Wednesday, I had the fun duty of calling those selected for a Chief's Interview. It's a huge deal and when they've gone from 105 applicants to 8 core interviews...those called pretty much know they're special. Now they just need to prove it to the Chief. A couple of the guys I called cracked me up! I just loved hearing *I've been waiting to hear your voice!*. Such flirts! I know that they're trying to get into my good graces in the hopes of me mentioning how nice they are to the Chief. Yea, I don't think so!! But it's nice to get a voice compliment as I usually get teased about mine.

Next couple of weeks will be fun and exciting...we'll hire a couple of guys and it'll be busy getting them ready for their new job. These are times when I really, really like my job!

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