Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Against My Better Judgement

If there's one thing I've told myself, it's been to stay away from cops and stay away from firefighters if they enter my *dating world*. I've already done the cop thing and I learned that they live and breathe their job. I should know this already considering one of my good friends is a cop and all she ever talks about is work, cases and job politics. One more story and I may just scream. So I got the cop thing worked out of my system pretty well.

Now...I work with firefighters everyday. That whole saying about not shitting where you eat comes into play and anyone whose dated a co-worker knows what I'm talking about here. It can get messy, stinky and gross and you don't want it anywhere near you. So why did I even consider it? There are firefighters on Match. I've come across them before and I've done the spiel. The *thanks for the email but I work for a fire agency too so I think it best not to mingle with romantic intentions* spiel. For the most part, it scares the guys away anyways. I know a lot. I know what it's like at the firehouse. I know what their schedule is supposed to be like. I know they live and breathe the job when they're on their own time. They love the job but the job can be damaging. They see people in all states of despair...and death. I also know when to spot the bullshit and call people on it. You know, people really hate when you do that?! But there was one thing that really intrigued me about this one firefighter that made me reply back when his response to my spiel was *if you look at the fact that I only work 10 days a month and I got to school, I'm really just a student with a part-time job*. Yep, that simple comment made me reconsider because not only did he have a good comeback, he also loved rockabilly music. There aren't many people who'll admit that the combination of rock, old-country and punk is cool. It's fun, it's good to dance to and he knew some of the bands that I liked which most people don't. So I decided to give it a try.

Big Mistake!

Geez, firefighters and cops are just bad news. I work 5 days a week, juggle yoga, friends and family and still find the time to date. Yet this guy couldn't find time to date despite only working two days a week. WTF?! So I was always bending over backwards to see him. Lunch dates where I extended my lunch so we could hang out and I would end up staying late to make up the time. Racing home after yoga to shower and host a video night. Firefighter dude was so inaccessible and for some reason I liked him. So stupid...but it happens. I sensed that he wasn't really that interested and I'm not sure if it was just because he didn't feel chemistry...or if he met someone else or if he just plain wasn't ready to be back in the dating market after a recent break up. Either way, I expected that he would have the decency to just tell me things weren't working out instead of pulling his profile and disappearing. Sometimes guys are way stupid. But if you know where someone works and who their co-workers are and there is that small chance that you'll bump into them later in life, the least a guy can do is just tell the girl he's not into it. Point Blank...what's so hard about it? Instead he acts like an idiot...I just think things will be interesting when we bump into each other again. Very interesting indeed...

So now that I've got the experience with a cop and a firefighter out of the way, I'd just like to meet a nice guy that has cool character.

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