Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dating Woes

Dating sucks...

I feel like I've hit this brick wall in dating. Same guys, same profiles, same everything. I'm bored. I'm not intrigued at all.

What is up with one line emails? *Hi, How are you?* What kind of a conversation starter is that? Is that really the best that someone can come up with? Because when I get one of those, it's all I can do to not reply *Fine* and hit the send button and see how the guy can build another email off of that. *Hi, my name is ****, what's yours?* Oh dear gawd, just shoot me. Creativity isn't that hard. Pick something and run with it...be sure it's mentioned in the other person's profile.

I know I need a break from dating but I don't know how to. I've been going at a steady clip since February...8 months. Now I'm used to filling my day with profile reading, emails and occasional dates that it seems weird if I'm not. I don't really know how to stop. It'd be easier if I had friends to hang out with but my friends are becoming fewer and far between...married couples, out of town, work-obsessed.

So I'm back to trying more *me* things. I've hit the library and checked out a couple of books. I've taken up yoga which is good...when the guilt of being lazy actually gets me to the class. I've been stitching more and actually have a couple of projects at the framers. And I've been taking advantage of my Netflix membership. You know that The Sopranos is pretty good...I'm up to Season Two, disc three! So I'm getting the me stuff covered but I'm still trying to figure out how to get out there to meet people and have fun...guys and girls...alike to expand my circle of friends. I still haven't figured that out. Where is a non-sporty chick supposed to meet cool people?! Everything I enjoy is fairly girl-centric yet I always end up meeting older women versus girls my age.

So with the problems with dating and the difficulty meeting new friends, I'm feeling a bit in a downward turn.

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