Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Call Me Princess

More observations from the Boys Club. It's hard working with guys sometimes. Other times, it's the best thing. I like being immersed in the Boys Club. I think it's better than working in an organization full of women. There are women in my office and sometimes, we step on each other's toes but for the most part, we're ok with each other. No major cattyness or soap opera drama. I can't imagine that being the case in an office with more than the 5 women that we have now.

The guys, they call me names...kid, kiddo, sweetheart, dear, darling, girl. I like those names. Maybe because I don't have a boyfriend so I need to get my fill of pet names from somewhere? Hmm....don't know. But yesterday, one of the guys, called me princess and I just about jumped out of my skin. I've never liked the term "princess". I am *not* a princess! I think I don't like it because I relate it to being spoiled and taken care of and that's not me. I've worked since I was 14, I take care of myself and I never ask for help or money unless I'm in complete dire need of it. So I am not a princess. Ick!

If I could find a boy that will call me *sunshine*, I'd smile for days and be over the moon. Why can't I meet that guy?!

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Anonymous said...

I always liked being called "cupcake," though only by a fellow I am involved with in some aspect. Princess has never been my thing, I don't need a man to wait on me hand in foot to show me he loves me or cares for me. I'd rather him know me and tell me how funny and smart I am and even how my personality is so much better than my looks and he think's I'm a 12. I hated Princess all my life, if I were a real Princess I think I would still hate it as a pet name.