Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who's Got Time for Blogging?!

Ugh, I've been a terrible blogger. My last real post was over a week ago! I am in awe that time flies by as fast as it does. I don't have much to say really. After my progress and mailing of my QFRR, I decided to do a bit of selfish stitching so I started and finished my May Snapper and will take a picture soon to share. I just started my Halloween exchange piece last night so that will be my focus this week followed by other small bits. Of course, that means that I can't share pictures of the exchange or bits so this site will be photo stingy for a while. Bear with me you guys...I swear I've got cool and pretty things to share! Just not right now.

The Labor Day weekend was a semi-relaxing and semi-productive blur. Lots of relaxing, stitching, shopping, craft organization, housesitting and chores and a perfect North Beach excursion on one of the clearest days in San Francisco this year so far. And of course, on that day, I forgot my camera at home! Gah! How could I let that happen?! I should know that despite living in the city and traversing its streets, it doesn't always look the same. Those slight differences make a huge effect. And seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and the Bay Bridge on the other without a single cloud in the sky definitely makes an impression. Clear blue, cloudless and fogless days in this city are rare and anyone who gets to experience it is a lucky person. Labor Day tourists sure had a great treat this weekend with the weather and stellar picture taking conditions.

Other than that...typical workweek fare. Work, errands, chores, appointments and exercise class. Hardly thrilling. I'm a tad bored. Hopefully something...or someone...will capture my attention soon.


Carol R said...

Can I come stay with you please? It's raining yet again and I so need some sunshine.

CraftyT said...

Hey do not feel to bad. My last post was August 30th. A new home and a new job leave little time for anything else.

Although you forgot your camera on such a perfect day it will always be etched in your mind ;)

I hope life is finding you well.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

blogging i love time i have none. lol so much to do so little time. i havent posted in a week and someitmes dont get chance to catch up for a week as long as we hear from people on the odd ocasion and see what each other is getting up to then thats fine. thats the way i see it.