Monday, November 21, 2011

Randomness & IHSW

Let's start off with the randomness...shall we.

*My parents have been blowing up my work phone lately and asking me if I am busy. If I'm at work, it's good to assume I am busy and that I definitely won't be patient to discuss things like the cable bill and whatever else isn't an emergency but seems to be really important to an 80+ year old! Really? When I was a kid, I had better be at the nurses station half passed out and delirious with fever before I even thought of calling them at work. If I was raised like that, then I expect that as an adult too. I'm busy and work is too in flux for them to be calling me with unimportant matters.

*After the events of the last week, I have no patience whatsoever for my parents' negative doom and gloom outlook. Ugh! Be happy you're alive. Find a hobby! Enjoy the day! Read a book!

*I canceled a date on Sunday at the last minute. I try not to be one of those. I made the general plans...lunch and a downtown stroll where the guy lived since I wasn't familiar. All he had to do was pick a place to meet. I still didn't know where we were meeting 3 hours before we were supposed to meet. Major peeve. MAJOR! I am not going to get dolled up, drive 45 minutes away, in the rain, for some guy who can't even pick a lunch place. Pick a lunch place already! OMG!

*Sometimes, it just feels right to stay in your pajamas until 3pm.

*I am dreading Thanksgiving. Let's just get it over with already! I need to decorate for Christmas. And has November passed so quickly?!

*Why must people stand so close to you at the grocery check out? Back up lady! I'll be done soon...unless you want to pay for my groceries. Then by all means...crowd me and hand over some money!

*Sometimes words speak louder than actions. Like that guy who chased me up the stairs last night. Tell me you're a neighbor and locked out instead of being creepy, chasing me up the stairs in an effort to get into the building and scaring the crap out of me. Jeez! I'd have called the property manager to verify you lived there and let you in. Instead I wish I could have maced you.

I had a work meeting today that ensured that my job is safe but that we need to move offices. The move is not ideal as I see a personality clash with someone who works in the proposed space. But beggars can't be choosers...

*I wonder if a kind Pinterest addict/reader would send me an invite request referral thingie so I can start pinning? I heard that Pinterest fulfills those requests first... Pretty please... Edited: Thank you, Thank you...I woke up to lots of invite emails. You are all the bestest!

*And in case you were wondering...I did buy the dress.
Now to find a party to wear my new dress to!

So it was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! Did you all hermit and stitch? I had a pretty hermitty weekend which was perfect since a good portion of it was rainy and cold. I changed most of my weekend plans around so that I could be lazy but I was a tad distracted with this.
I had a day to read it because it was due to the library and I couldn't renew it...again. It was a very good book although some bits were pretty trashy. The baseline of the story was interesting. American lady becomes an asset for the Resistance against the Nazi regime during WWII in Paris. I loved the bits that mentioned locales within Paris. It allowed me to reminisce and think about what it was like in the 40's, during my favorite fashion era.

And I was also distracted by this.
I have a kabillion DMC skeins to wind.
I apparently have a long way to go to fill this jammer box! Does anyone else's hand cramp up when they wind bobbins? I have the feeling this will be a slow process.

But I got a little bit of stitching in. I am still working on Plum Street Samplers' Hallow Eden. It's a little odd working on Halloweeny stitching when it's over now but I fear that if I stop, I won't finish.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if we don't speak soon, may you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time...


Berit said...

Do you still need a pinterest invite? I can give you one.

Sylvia said...

Glad to hear your job is safe, and hopefully the anticipated personality clash won't materialize. Love your progress on HallowEden - its such a fun stitch. Hope Thanksgiving goes smoothly for you.

Hazel said...

Awwww you sound in need of a big hug! People never fone me back either! It is sooo annoying. Wish I lived nearer. If you get on Pinterest look me up. Xx

Chris said...

Hey Valerie,
It is amazing that your parents rules for themselves are so different from the rules you had to follow. You don't need that at work with the stress you have right now.
That personal space thing makes me crazy too. It is bad this time of year. The holidays make people crazy. Having worked retail for many years, I have seen it all.
The dress is wonderful. I hope you have a chance to wear it soon.
I need to try an go back to sleep!

Kate said...

Hi, Your post made me smile because my mother calls me at work to tell me if I have post! It is obviously very important and not the kind of thing that can wait! The dress is gorgeous.

Giovanna said...

It's great to see your Hallow Eden shaping up! And the dress is gorgeous, excellent choice :-)

Margaret said...

Good news about your job, although bummer about the possible office mate. I wonder why your parents feel free to call you at your office like that? Maybe you could suggest sending emails -- don't tell me, they don't have a computer. Anyway, Hallow Eden looks great! (I'm trying my best not to start Pinterest, so I can't send you an invite. :D ) Pretty dress! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Vonna said...

That is annoying when parents call multiple times per day...happens to me frequently too....I know the frustration.
I love the dress :)
And the WIP...super!

Carol said...

Your parents call too much, mine don't call enough! I'm the one always calling them because they "don't want to bother me!" What? They're 84 years old with serious medical problems--call me!! If I'm busy I'll get back to them. Maybe we need to somehow combine our parents to get the perfect set :)

Glad to hear your job is safe, Valerie--that is a worry off your mind even if you have to share office space with someone you're not crazy about.

I'm afraid of getting addicted to Pinterest, so I've put off joining. Let me know what you think...

I would keep on with the PS WIP, too--I hate stopping pieces in the middle for the same reason as you!

I do hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Valerie :)

Catherine said...

I do hope that your office mate situation won't be that bad! Don't know what to tell you about the parents calling.
I haven't started with Pinterest. I don't need any thing more to pull me away from my stitching time! I hear it's very addicting.
I would keep going with the Halloweden. Maybe if you think of it more as an Adam and Eve piece it won't seem so bad.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, and if you ever need to - email me - I'll be sure to email back -- unlike those that don't return your calls!

Lisa said...

It is interesting how the rules we had to live by...the ones that were termed "respect your elders" and "respect others" don't apply to our parents. Mine still believe that it is I who should drop everything and come to visit...that would mean the boys canceling all their activities, husband finding someone to watch the stores and us purchasing 4 round trip tickets. Not an easy thing to do. It is hard as the roles reverse...I just hope to remember these things when I am the elderly mother and my sons are grown & have their adult life to lead.

I love your WIP and your new dress. I am sure, with the holidays coming up you will find the perfect place to wear it!

I would love to sit and gab with you...or just listen if you need a friendly me if you are interested and I can give you my phone number.

Take care my friend!

LoriU said...

Love the new dress!

I have a 79 year old dad who calls me at work too. But like my husband always reminds me, someday we will WISH they were calling us.

Christina said...

My husband and I (before we had kids) would sometimes stay in our PJs all day on a Sunday - it was great! So 3pm seems fine to me!

Maybe an office move would be a good time to say to your parents that the new place is not so receptive to personal calls???

Love the dress, hope you get the occasion to wear it...soon!

Pinterest? I've never heard of it and daren't look it up in case I want to join in the fun!

Joysze said...

WIP looks great, Valerie.

Speaking on winding bobbins, do you have one of these: They're great. :)

Glad to hear about the job. Happy Christmas decorating. :D

stitcheranon said...

lol, I start chemo on thanksgiven which is also my anniversary with hubby ( I am kind and let him join in with it lol)..I reckon I will hate the day more than you do by the end of it rofl.....
so...wont wish you happy thanksgiving..will wish you happy bobbin winding and well done with the stitching xxxx

Ranae said...

Your post made me :)
I stitch Halloween basically all year long
HallowEden is shaping up grea

Julie said...

Good news your job is safe.
Hope your Thanksgiving turns out to be better than you expect it to be.
Lovely stitching.
I've resisted pinterest so far!

RuthB said...

lol Oh Valerie. I'm sorry every looney in the world is out to find you and share. Sounds like you might need a hermit and stitch Monday-Friday as well. I bet you'll have this amazingly "interesting" Thanksgiving as well. Good luck! Should I call Calgon to pick you up?

P.S. It's been over a year since we moved offices, and I don't envy you one bit.

Debbie said...

It is so hard having aging parents!! My dad lives in the same town, is 80 years old. Lots of memory problems. So now I am setting up meds, driving him appointments, etc. Which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't "know" everything....which he really doesn't!! It seems like he wants to argue about everything! I know he is just trying to feel like he is still in control of his life, but it is so hard! I just keep telling myself I am setting a son a wonderful example for when I am old! lolol

Anne said...

I had to laugh out loud when I read that a lady stood too close to you!! It happens all the time to me too! Like their bag just edges into my back? SEriously folks? Back up!! I have the same pet peeve as you with text tag and phone tag. Everyone has a bloody cell on hand, so why not answer it?!! Love that you and I got new party dresses!!! Yours is gorg and I'm sure it'll look fabulous on you! Glad to hear you had a good hermitty weekend! Lots of progress on your Sampler. Doesn't it feel good to organize threads?!!


Sally said...

Glad to hear your job is safe.

Nice progress on Hallow Eden.


Michelle said...

You were totally right to cancel on that guy. And if you ever need to text/call me to discuss - you are more than welcome to! I am glad to hear you're ok at work and hope that the move ends up being good. Yay! on the dress. Hallow Eden is looking fantastic!

Melanie said...

I have to admit I usually 'borrow' the husband for winding threads. I just hand them to him one at a time while we're watching tv or something and let him do all the work. lolol

I don't blame you for canceling the date! I mean, god, if that's how the FIRST date is going to go, it's probably not going to get much better than that going forward, right? That's my theory anyway. :)

Have a nice Thanksgiving!!!!

Shelleen said...

The dress is really pretty. I would have cancelled the date too. Huge procrastinator. You could call me :-)
I stitch Halloween all year round just because it is my favorite!!

Natasha said...

LOL You crack me up girl!!

Those people that stand to close to you in the grocery line are the people my Grandpa use to accidently hit with hi cart, hey he was lod and couldnt see well. Of course that was the excuse he used LOL

My DAD hardly ever calls me and when I call him he says "wow Sis, where have you been I thought you feel off the face of the earth" the earth is round so highly unlikely ;)

I always answer my phone unless Im at work or sleeping so call away. I would have told you it was cool that you cancelled any guy who cant make a decission on where to eat is a BUTT ;)

I need to start my Christmas decorating I cant wait

Siobhan said...

That dress is fabulous!! Beautiful progress on your stitching!

LOL at the randomness, especially being irked at strangers who have no clue. I could write a huge rant on that but suffice it to say--yeah. UGH.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what a beautiful dress!

Yup can't stand people who won't commit, I mean why do I always have to make the damned decision on where to eat???

For some strange reason... I enjoyed this post!

Meari said...

About the floss... Don't you have a winder? It saves tons of time.

As for the dude who still hasn't picked a lunch place 3 hours prior... Yeah, that's a problem. I'd be peeved too.

Family drama... I can empathize. I have some, too, and am ready to be done with the lot of them. I don't need it!

Suzanne said...

Love the dress! Very nice progress on the stitching. I had the same issue with my threads, I could only wind about a dozen before my hand started to hurt.