Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Randomness, Spilt Wine and Tumbles

~ I miss you guys more than you can even imagine!!

~ Life has become even busier...as if that was even possible.

~ I've been super social since I last posted. I spent a weekend up in Healdsburg in an amazing house. Where I managed to spill wine on my pants and fall down twice. I suppose I was having a little too much fun? My last tumble resulted in a sprained wrist, bruised knees, chest, shoulder and other various bruises throughout. I was more concerned with my glasses than anything else and seeing as they were ok, I felt ok too. My wrist is finally feeling back to normal...three weeks later. Let's see, what else...I've gone to Music in the Park, Sing Along Grease (so much fun!), Happy Hours, Fillmore Jazz Festival, more jazz and Film Night in Union Square to see The Artist.

~ Spilling red wine seems to be happening frequently...I'm spot cleaning my pants more than I would like but thankfully I've avoided any stains.

~ I've got some good things going on which I'm very happy and hopeful about. Think good thoughts and if the good things continue to go good, I'll have some fun news to share.

~ I've only stitched 300 stitches (at most) in the last three weeks. I'm at a loss of what to do. There just isn't the time and I am having too much fun to worry about it too much. Eventually, everything will become a finish...right?

~ I caught up with blog reading...for about a day. And then, suddenly, my Google Reader jumped to 700 posts! You all need to stop writing and stitching so much. I cannot keep up. I'm back down to 400...so maybe...if it doesn't become all crazy this week, I can finally catch up. I hate being this behind!

~ I really miss you guys. Oh, I already said that. Well...I do.

~ Seeing as I haven't stitched and I haven't found my Cayman photos, I don't have very much to share except this pretty thing that landed in my mailbox last week.

Remember when I finished my Shepherd's Bush Sadie Stocking? I knew I would never find the courage to finish it myself so I sent it off to the amazing Deb and she did a wonderful job on it...don't you think?! I love it! Will be wonderful to hang it at Christmastime.

Well, the dishes, laundry and mail are calling to me. Wouldn't it be nice to just twitch your nose like Samantha in Bewitched? *sigh* Some girls can dream, I suppose.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next time...


Anne said...

Well, we miss you too!!! Glad to hear you are having a good time with all that red wine! You must talk with you hands cause that's what I do when I spill all the red wine! Stitches will come when they come. It's summer!! Too many good things to do :D Love that stocking it'll look fab for Christmas!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Being busy in a good way is fun, enjoy it. SB stockings always look good but I've never had the courage to "finish" one either, I wish I did. Oh how I've longed for that nose twitch - in fact since I grew up watching Bewitched on television - way back whenever.

Daffycat said...

It's good you are getting out and about but I do wish you'd be more careful! We don't need anything being put in a cast, do we? lolol

Love the stocking - it turned out perfect!

Chris said...

Hey Valerie! Your stocking looks amazing.
I am glad that you are having fun! Enjoy every minute of it. The stitching will be there for those quieter times.

Giovanna said...

The stocking is awesome, what a great job by Deb. And please take care and stop falling, ok? :-)

Margaret said...

First off, I'm sending tons of good thoughts your way that the good things continue to go well and you'll be able to share good things with us!!! Ouch on the falls!!! Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself even worse! And yes, I would have been worried about my glasses first off too. Yikes! Sounds to me like stitching will wait while the fun times are going on. I do love your SB stocking though. It's gorgeous! And stains -- yuck, but good on you that you've been controlling the damage! Fingers and toes crossed for you! I'll be thinking of you!!!

Jackie said...

Hoping the good things keep going on! Excited to hear about them too!

Let's stay upright, ok? :) No more bruises or other hurt parts allowed!

Lanie said...

Hi Valerie, I've missed "visiting" with you! Happy to hear you are having such a fantastic social life...everything sounds like fun! But oh-my-goodness so glad you survived your mishaps ok and are on the mend!

About 12 yrs. ago we took a vacation with my family to SF and we rented a house in Healdsburg. Don't you love it there?! Peaceful, quiet, and more laid back than Napa. Another trip to northern CA is definitely on our must-do list. Glad you had a great time!

Your SB stocking is just so charming! ... love it!

Enjoy ... hoping all the good things you have going on will continue as you wish ... keep us updated!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness...seeing your fabulous stocking makes me want to halt all other stitching and start on one of the stockings in my stash! Do you think I'll get four finished (1 for each of my family) before Christmas? Lol!
Looking forward to hearing your good news...very intrigued. Sending positive vibes your way! :0)

Carol said...

What a happy, hopeful post, Valerie--sounds like you're in a great place right now and I'm sending all positive thoughts your way that things continue to make you smile :)

You and Deb were a great team on your stocking---it is just perfect!!

Enjoy all those fun social activities now--hope they last all summer and beyond!! No more falls though :)

Melissa said...

Welcome back :)

I'm so happy to hear everything is going great for you!!!! I hope to hear good news soon hehe.

The stocking is wonderful. I remember the first time I tried sewing one of my stitched pieces into a finish. BEYOND SCARY. All I could think was - what if I mess up - what if it's crooked - what if it looks worse than it did before.

BUT since this it's been smooth sailing! Just needed a bit of confidence I guess.

Happy Stitching Val!


Peggy Lee said...

My goodness girl you sure do know how to have some fun! The falling down part probably isn't so much fun though ;o(

When I get that far behind on blog reading I start fresh. It's all too much for my pea-sized brain!

GORGEOUS stocking! Your stitching is beautiful and Deb did a fantastic job in finishing it too.

Now steady girl...and share your spot removal secrets. I just rag-bagged a blouse yesterday because of red wine.

Julie said...

So good to read life is dealing you happy times Valerie.

Sadie stocking is so beautiful, i think i might just have to stitch that one for my little grandaughter, i have been looking for a nice chart to make one, and this one looks like it might be top of the list so far.

~Narita said...

Your stocking looks great Valerie!!
I was afraid you were going to say you got red wine on your stitching. Oh that would be TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to see you next month at Marys :)

Love you!

cucki said...

aww it is so cute..
keep well deary xxx

Christine said...

Can hear the excitement of how much fun you're having right through the computer! Keep it up! The stocking looks gorgeous!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Missed you too!

You know what its a good busy, so you're forgiven ;)

Your stocking looks so cute! Deb did a great job!

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear you've been having a great summer so far--yay! You certainly deserve it. Now I'm feeling all nosy but I'll just have to sit tight and wait to hear more about just who the heck you've been having all this fun with! ;)

Melissa said...

Valerie, it sounds like you are having loads of fun and a busy summer! Enjoy it while it lasts! Stitching will always be here, and so will we! ;-)

Love the stocking - so pretty!

Lois said...

Sounds like you're having a good time! Come those dark winter nights your stitching will always be there!!! I say enjoy the summer, it will be gone before we know it! Love your stocking! I've always had the intention of stitching the SB stocking but well, only ever managed one and it's still not put together!!!

Veronica said...

Aww... I miss you too, Valerie. Yikes! That sounds like a painful fall. Happy to hear that at least you're all better now.

Hehe... I'm constantly playing catch-up with my Google Reader too. Totally understand your dilemma.

Such a pretty stocking. Deb did a wonderful job :D


Melanie said...

Yikes! The wine is trying to kill you, methinks. Wine is evil like that. lol At the very least, you need to stock up on black pants - will save you some time from having to spot clean. :)

The stocking looks FAB!!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am so pleased that things are going well, you sound happy and I hope that continues for a very, very long time!
Sorry about your fall. They are no fun and I hope by now your scrapes and bruises are healed.
I'll be singing "Red, red wine" for the next hour or two, I'm sure!
Love the stocking, you and Deb both did a great job!

Keeper of the Crowes said...

So happy to hear that you're having a great time!! Your certainly deserve it! Deb is just the best. Love your stocking. Looks like it was so much fun to stitch.

Shelleen said...

Valerie,I am so glad that you are getting out and keeping busy. Stitching time can happen when summer is over. I am 1000+ posts behind in reading. I work more hours now and I would rather be stitching than on the computer.

Elaine said...

So glad to hear you are having such fun times Valerie. Your stitching will always be there when your ready to pick it up again. Just love the stocking, it;s gorgeous!!

Catherine said...

Your schedule amazes me! But then again, if I didn't have all my boys and the puppy, I'd be right there with ya! Even I the falls and spills ~ I've been known to fall on a completely flat surface and can never wear white, as I always spill something on it!
Your stocking is beautiful!!

Loraine said...

So sorry about your fall! Glad you are healing, and your glasses are okay. :)
Your stocking is fabulous. I still want to make a set of those for the family someday. Deb did a great finishing job.
I hope you continue to be social and happy. It's way more fun that being stuck at your computer all the time. Have a great summer!

RuthB said...

Would it help if we put a label on you that said "this way up" with an appropriate arrow?


Congrats of the stocking, all the fun you've been having, the successful spot cleaning, and those 300 no doubt totally awesome stitches!

P.S. we missed you too.

RuthB said...

Would it help if we put a label on you that said "this way up" with an appropriate arrow?


Congrats of the stocking, all the fun you've been having, the successful spot cleaning, and those 300 no doubt totally awesome stitches!

P.S. we missed you too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those SB stockings! Yours is beautiful!

If I stitched one, I would have to have someone finish it too. My sewing skills are awful.

Laundry time is my stitching/knitting time. While the machine does its magic, I do mine.

barbara said...

Falling down and spilling wine on your pants? Sounds like my kind of get-away! ;) Lovely stocking, and wonderful finishing - I will bookmark Deb, thanks!

Sally said...

It's lovely to see a post from you Valerie:) Love your SB stocking finish. I think I might have to do one of these for myself!

Suzanne said...

Great post! I haven't been blogging that much either and my reader was ridiculously large, but I think I have halved just this morning.

The stocking is beautiful and Deb did a great job with the finishing.