Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up!

Hi Lovelies...hope all is well.

I'm still struggling to catch up. Amazing how time flies. My next post was supposed to be on my trip but I really need to catch up on some stitchy things. I only have time to post because I had double-booked myself for this evening and can you believe it, both things fell through?! I think it's a good thing since I managed to cook for the week and catch up on the blogs that were quickly piling up in my reader. It was so busy today, I couldn't even sneak a peek at all today.

I've been feeling a little rattled with the move and the psychopath. But I'm happy to say that the psychopath has left me alone and I'm feeling a bit more settled at work. The downside is that the lunch options in the area are slim so I'm at a loss for yummy things to eat. I think I will have to pack my lunch or attempt to head home for lunch even though it's a little far to go. I haven't been able to find my gym routine and I am feeling it. I've either been feeling so drained by the end of the day or I have social events to go to. I am hoping to get my act together after the 4th of July. Too much going on for the next week! =)

During my trip, I stitched on Jane Pattison. Not much mind you. When I arrived in Dallas, I was confronted with the fact that the only working tv at my sister's house was in their bedroom since a good portion of the house is under renovation. So needless to say, I read a ton! And I stitched a bit when my eyes could hold out on the 40 count in not the best of lighting.
I've been slowly plugging along on the border. I really love this pine needle border and it's pretty easy to commit to memory although I am keeping track to make sure I don't catch a discrepancy in the pattern. Jane is my travel piece so it doesn't see a lot of love since I only stitch outside the house if I meet up with one of my stitchy groups or I stitch during lunch at work which hasn't been happening lately.

I was happy to get back home to finally devote some time on Fairy Moon. It's been so busy though that she doesn't look much different from before I left on vacation! I am eager to make some progress on her though. Every Sunday, I see Jill's updates on her blog and I kick myself for being such a slow stitcher when I have Fairy Moon (plus many others in queue) to send to her when I'm finished.
I am almost ready to head upwards so I can finally put a face and some hair on my fairy.

I can't believe I didn't even participate in IHSW last week. I think it's the first time I missed it since I discovered Joysze's blog! That in itself is a testement of how insane things in my little corner are at the moment. But I have my TUSAL photo. It's a week late but I've got it up!
A funky artistic shot with the bamboo that usually resides at work. It seems to be happier in the apartment though so I am letting it stay for a little while.

And I'll close with the pretty orchid I bought a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that it is happy in it's new home and I am trying hard to keep it alive. I have had a terrible run with orchids in the past but being the stubborn girl that I am, I'm giving it another go.

Excuse the glare but isn't she pretty?!

I have so much to say and so many things to share but this is all I have time for today. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a smooth start to the week.

Until next time...


Patty C. said...

Your orchid is gorgeous !!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

A lovely orchid, lots of flowers still to come as well. I'm hopeless with plants but seem to be able to keep orchids for ages. I water them once a week or once a fortnight depending on whether the central heating is on or not. I also use orchid feed in the water which seems to make a big difference. Finally they are fussy about where you put them. If you find a place that works then the secret seems to be not to move it from there.

Julie said...

Stunning orchid, it looks a lot healthier than mine at present.

How lovely for the bamboo to be taking a vacation from the office LOL.

Love the pine border, very effective.

Margaret said...

What a bummer about the lunch at your new work place. That is not a good thing. :( Hope things slow down for you soon -- it seems life is crazy busy for lots of us right now. Love how Jane looks so far. Don't you love that border? It's fun! Love your Fairy Moon too. So pretty! I was a week late with my TUSAL too. lol! Pretty orchid. About the only kind of plant I can take care of without killing is a christmas cactus. :D

Giovanna said...

Your WIPs are just beautiful! Gorgeous orchid too, such a stunning colour.

Chris said...

Hey Valerie!
I am glad to hear that things are settling down. The best thing to do is pack your lunch. Save that money for more stitching and the calories for awesome dinners out :)
Jane is beautiful. I really love this sampler.
Good luck with the orchid. What a lovely color!!

Catherine said...

Glad to hear the psycho is leaving you alone. Now if only you could find some hidden gem for food close to where you work!!
Your stitches look great, I have barely had time lately and haven't even thought about posting my TUSAL. :(
I love orchids and yours is beautiful! Good luck with it!

Peggy Lee said...

The border on JP is so pretty! I am working on a border right now that us a pain. I've already had to rip almost all of it out once. UGH...

Can't wait to see the face on your Fairy.

I've never had much luck with orchids. Yours is beautiful.

Katrina said...

Pretty stitchy pictures and gorgeous orchid :-).

Melissa said...

Oh, *bleep*, I'm sorry you are feeling stressed at the moment. Sounds like a lot of changes going on!

At least you have your stitching, right? And books! The stitching is looking lovely. I like that border on Jane as well.

The orchid is very pretty!

Christina said...

Fairy Moon is coming on a treat Valerie! Won't be long before you start on the bead work - yikes! lol.
Your orchid is beautiful. Orchids are my favourite plants. My parents lived in Malaysia for many years and my mum had about 50 orchids both inside and outside the house. We have about 6 or 7 in our house at the moment. One of them is from our wedding 5 years ago - I had orchids as my centre piece. We find that they prefer bathrooms best. Not great as not many people get to see them up in our en-suite! ;0)

Deb said...

Both your progress pics are great! That border looks a little involved, but really pretty.

Love that orchid too. I had one for the longest time and it gave up the ghost for some reason. I think that I might have to get another one.

Barbi said...

Love the post. I still have never stitched on 40 ct..but I'm thinking that I should give it a try. Your Mira is coming along nicely and that orchid is beautiful. What is that picture behind your orchid on the wall?

Veronica said...

Hang in there. I'm sure things will calm down soon enough :)

Love that pine needle border too though I'm not sure I'd enjoy stitching it. I hate stitching borders. LOL!

Loving your Fairy Moon update. Can't wait to see her face and hair.

The orchid is beautiful. Very elegant. Hope you have more luck with her this time round.


Siobhán said...

Beautiful progress on your WIPs!

I love love love that orchid! I had one that had thrived despite my ineptitude and then I decided to figure out what I was doing and killed it. Story of my life! LOL

Carol said...

I think it is so hard to get back to "normal" after a trip, Valerie--and you've had to deal with a couple of extra problems as well. I'm glad the weirdo is out of the picture and you are starting to warm up to your new workplace. Hopefully you can get back to your gym routine soon--exercise is such a huge stress reliever, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing your stitching updates--both are looking great and I love your new orchid. Have never tried growing one myself, but have always admired those lovely colors :)

Sally said...

Fairy Moon is looking beautiful!

Your orchid is so pretty.

Anne said...

Glad to hear the psychopath has gone. That must have been stressful! I love your Jane!! The vines are so piney and pretty! Nice to be able to stitch the border without having to look at the pattern over and over, although I agree with you, it's good to keep an eye on it! Fairy Moon is beautiful too!! I'm sure you will catch up and fall into a good groove soon!


Suzanne said...

Nice work on your stitching!

Love the orchid colour, it's stunning. I have a small collection of these orchids and I find they need plenty of indirect light, regular but very small amounts of tepid water (you need to drain them thoroughly) and a regular fertilizing (about once a month) at half strength.

Sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while.

Meari said...

I kept an orchid alive for about 3 years and then it died. The next one I got didn't last past 2 months. Touchy things, they are!

Your WIPs look great.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I feel like I'm forever playing catchup!!!!

Wow that border... its not driving you batty?

FM looks awesome as usual!

RuthB said...

How's it going? Lunches better? Still feeling the gym? Psycho still drinking with himself?

Hope all's smoother!

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous stitching. sounds like you're crazy busy