Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chicago, Here I Come!!

So I am off to the *Windy City*! Land of amazing food, deep dish pizza, the Cubs, etc. Should be an interesting experience. I've never been to Chicago before and am totally clueless about what the sites are, what I will be doing and what I want to do! Good plan, huh?! But you know what? I'm not even stressed about that. It's such a short trip and I'm all about exploring places without any real purpose and stumbling upon something cool. I've gotten a lot of recommendations about where to eat and things to bring back and cool touristy places to visit so I am all set! It's exciting!! I've never been to the Midwest before but the people there seem friendly when they are in California so we'll see what it's like when I am on their turf!

Have a fantabulous weekend and I'll have Chicago stories when I get back!

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Steph said...

Chicago? How fun :) Are you going for anything other than just vacation? Who's going with you? Well, have a good trip!