Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Addiction

So after much self-analyzation, I've discovered that I have my own sort of weird and insane addiction. An addiction to dating. Yea, I know sounds weird. People are addicted to booze, sex, drugs...but dating?! But I have been dating so much for so long that it seems like it needs to be a part of my life. So much so that I often put dating and meeting strangers ahead of my need to relax, my need to do laundry, my need to pay bills and my need to do my own thing. Why does a stranger take precedence over me? Especially when dating hasn't really paid off for me. Yes, I've met a lot of interesting people and I've acquired a lot of stories for my *All American Chick Lit Novel* but is it really worth it anymore? God knows I have enough research for the book and life is too short to be wasting on strangers right now. But to actually stop dating is a trial. I am so addicted to dating that I feel like I have to continue because *what if I lose out on meeting that one terrific guy if I stop. He may be my next blind date!* And even though I meet cool, interesting people, I can't grasp on that enough because I need to feed the addiction and date more guys and meet more people because even though this guy is cool, the next may be better. So bad. So after talking to a dear friend...ok...more like being lectured by a dear friend, I convinced myself that it's time to stop dating and take a break. I've pulled the profile and am going to focus on being out in the sun, organizing the apartment so it's fantabulous, being with my friends and enjoying all the things I miss because I've been too busy dating. The goal is to love and appreciate the things that make me again so that I don't have to dwell so much on the dating fiascos and that I will be more open to meeting a great guy for a *long term relationship* and give up my role of being a *chronic dater*. Because, let me tell you...being a chronic dater can be a total drag! Fun stories...but a drag.


Kelster said...

you? Addicted to dating? Never woulda thunk that.

I just wanna know who it was who finally convinced you to take some me time! Thank that person for me. Obviously, when I lecture you, you mentally circular file it.

Now, if we could just get you addicted to cooking...

AM said...

I'm going to guess that C finally convinced you to break the cycle of addiction. Now leave that profile down and enjoy some fun, non-date activities!

Kelster said...


Then practice saying "no, I can't. I'm busy that day/night" then stay home in your jammies and watch chick flicks.

Oh, and turn off all phones, PDA, computers, etc. while you enjoy jammie day.