Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Demise of *The Guy*

Me and *the guy*…yea….do we see where this story is going? So me and *the guy* called it quits. Actually I did. Surprise, surprise!! But, hey…I stuck it out and tried to relax and as more time passed…I got more irritated. Fact is for being *together*, we weren’t together a lot and I definitely was not seeing the action that I wanted to be seeing.

All right…so let me explain…

Problem #1: Not astrologically compatible. Ok. So this isn’t a huge deal. I have dated the difficult signs…like Taurus…and the serious signs…like Cancer. But I was dealing with a Capricorn which is both difficult AND serious. And everything I read said that Libra and Capricorn was a match made in hell. Uh-oh…what?! Must tread very carefully. We weren’t a match made in hell…just conflicted.

Problem #2: Any guy I date has to have just a little bit of boldness and aggressiveness under their belt. I like to feel pursued and wanted. Instead, here I was pursuing him. I was the one making the arrangements and driving into the city to meet him. Really…what is that?! And I do not consider comments like *hey, you looked great Friday night…awwww, I am so sweet* cute. Ok…things are nice until you go and acknowledge that what you said was cute. And opening doors and then saying *I can be such a gentleman* is not really gentlemanly. Considering I have male friends that open my car doors, let me into restaurants before they enter, order for me and just take care of me in general…even though I am not a romantic interest, *the Guy* really was not a true gentleman. But I forgave him because he was cute and dorky. Oh yea…and after 9 dates…you’d have expected to have gotten some sort of action.

Problem #3: A Guy should definitely have some *cohones*. If I feel like I have more *cohones* than the guy...that is a bad thing. Then that makes me feel like I am the guy in the relationship and the guy is the girl. BAD!!! Again...this goes into the whole wanting to be wanted mentality.

Problem #4: Distance. It's hard when one lives in Oakland and the other lives on the Peninsula. You have to deal with 30 miles and a bridge. may not seem like a big deal but when it's the girl doing all the driving and the guy just sits their waiting and that girl hates driving in the first place...totally big deal!!

Problem #5: Whining indecisive men are not attractive. I am indecisive. This is where the boldness and assertiveness that I want in a man comes into play. I want a guy that can make a decision. Where do you want to eat? I don't decide. How about Italian? Perfect. See...easy! If I don't feel like Italian...I'd bring it up and suggest something else. Now when two people are going rounds and rounds trying to decide something...I am ready to throw my hands up in the air and go in the opposite direction. I mean...really...does it have to be so hard. And if said guy has something in mind...just say it! Pu-lease...just say it. Do not wait for me to suggest 10 other things to do before I come up with your idea and you agree to that. Talk about a waste of time...cohones...see...we're back to problem #3.

Too much stuff driving me crazy and with his whole *girls on Match are just looking for sex* comments, I wasn't about to sleep with him if I wasn't sure if I even wanted to continue seeing him. Because of that I did have to deal with *pent up* issues but like a dear friend reminded me, that is why we have Good Vibes ( Hmmm...maybe that's too much information. Awww, heck...who are we kidding. Women have their toys and men have their porn and some have both. And people who don't realize that are living in Timbuktu!

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