Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sweet Dreams...

My current cross stitch project right now is the *Sweet Dreams Stocking* by Dimensions. I figured it might be a cute and fun project to work on over the holidays to try and help get me out of my *scroog-ette* mood. Plus, I am having color coordination problems with the project I REALLY want to be working on so I have to work on something in the meantime while I wait for new fabric to arrive. The suspense is killing me and I am hoping that the new fabric is the right pick!

This project has been challenging to say the least. There is loads going on...just look at it...there are at least 50 different colors in this chart and the chart isn't the easiest to read. I've been working on it just about one and a half weeks so far so there isn't a lot to share. Just a lot of sporadic brown and green since I'm trying to work on that tree there in the picture. Once you can start to tell what's transforming, I'll post a *Work in Progress (WIP)* picture.

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