Friday, November 21, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Recently, *the boy* has been subjected to a lot of "omg, I need time to stitch, I am so behind!* comments. Sometimes, he will sit with me and watch me pull needle through thread and other times, he'll head off to the other room to watch boring news shows. When I was making the floss tag for Claire, he said that he would really like it if I would make something for his mom and he really liked the Brittercup Kitty I stitched up on the tag so I had him pick out a pattern for me to stitch and he chose Brittercup Designs Kitty with Bird. It was a fast stitch and shown below. Not the best photo and the little blue bird is a very pale blue. I am debating whether I should stitch it up in a darker light blue. *The boy* wants to frame it so we'll head off to Aaron Brothers to see if we can find a nice frame for it.
Brittercup Designs Kitty with Bird
28 count Zwiegart Lugana Bisque
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That's all for now. The weekend will be filled with ornament finishing and a couple of new starts. All for gifts. I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend before the insanity of what is always Thanksgiving!


CraftyT said...

Wow, making gifts for his mom. Serious? :0)

I love the blue bird I think it looks wonderful, hopefully we all will see a picture of it framed?

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Cute finish! You just won the drawing on my blog... please email me your address when you get a chance :)

Carol R said...

Pretty Brittercup Kitty!

Hey I see you won Monique's blog giveaway - it must be catching! Congrats