Friday, November 14, 2008

Jetsetter? I Wish!

A couple of weekends ago, I finished the June Square of my Bent Creek Snappers. This square seemed to take me a while to do and was tedious. I think it's because the stitching area is more dense. I do get a kick out of the stamps on the suitcase. They are all for places I've never been too but are on my destination list. New York, London and I day!! Here is a close up on the square.
And here is a snap of how the project looks so far. I am half way done! Seems weird to be stuck on July though since we're already in November but I didn't start this project until mid-July so not bad. I think the Snappers will have to be put away in the drawer for the time being. I have too many other stitchy obligations right now and I don't think *July Sings* will be debuted until January.
In other stitchy news, stitching has been slow. I am working on the ornament for the HoE Christmas exchange and after that, I have a couple of gifts lined up. If only I could clone myself. I'd stay home and stitch all day and the clone could go to work! Haha...wouldn't that be wonderful?!


Dianne said...

This is looking great! I finished this one several years ago and still love it!

Carol R said...

Bent Creek Snappers is looking great! And if you make it to London - you had better give me a call!

Great idea to send the clone to work - just make sure that she doesn't send you and she gets to stay home stitching!

CraftyT said...

Val, it looks great! When I get back to SF I look forward to meeting you.

Barbeeque4 said...

BC Snappers is looking super!!!!

CraftyT said...

I have tagged you check out my blog