Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Comforting Tra-la-la

I've been in hermit mode the last week or so. I figure it's normal considering the circumstances of the last two weeks. Hard to imagine that two weeks ago today, I was sitting in the hospital fielding calls from *the boy's* family and friends and waiting to see when his surgery was going to be performed. Now, two weeks later, *the boy's* facial coloring is back to normal and he's becoming a pro on getting around with crutches. His leg is still a lovely collage of purples but that is slowly and surely fading. He's managing his pain pretty well and has even started his new job. It sure has been a very interesting two weeks! Once I managed to get *the boy* settled in the East Bay, I really needed to take some time for myself...hence canceling my sewing class. And I took things out of rotation. I needed something that brought me comfort and made me happy. Since I started my Bent Creek Snappers, I had been looking forward to when I could stitch the July Block. I thought that the birds looked cute and it was a happy block. I finished the June block in early November and just haven't had a chance to get to the Snappers since. Last Thursday, I pulled it out and started on it...even though I should have been working on Rowyn's QFRR. Last night I finished the July block. I kind of wish that my skein of WDW Deep Sea wasn't so can't even see the frenchknotted eyes, but I do think the color goes with the rest of the muted earthy colors in this piece. July sings Tra-la-la!
Speaking of Rowyn's QFRR, here is all I've managed to get accomplish to date. Sad...very sad! I've stitched my initials and started the motif below the bunny. Two more motifs after that one and I can send it on. I'm late again! But this will be my focus for the rest of the week and I hope to get it in the mail on Monday at the very latest.
Last week, I put up a post asking people to join my PIF if they were so inclined and the deadline to sign up was last night. I only had one taker! I'm not surprised...I requested my PIF a tad late in the midst of a "selfish-stitching" year for most. I completely understand since I've cut down on exchanges for the most part and am aiming to finish a couple of decorative projects for the apartment plus ornaments. The taker of my PIF is Natasha! Yay! I will also gift two PIFs to bring it up to three. Natasha, please send me an email with your contact info. Thanks!

Well, that's all for me for now. Next time you hear from me...I hope to have finished the QFRR and move onto another project. Which one...nobody knows...not even me! :)


Lisa said...

Hey Valerie...glad to hear that things are on the mend with *the boy*. Glad, too, that you were able to find sometime to veg & regroup. I found the July bird cute and they definitely put a smile on my face! Take care. And thank you for visiting my blog.

Dianne said...

Your projects look great! I stitched those snappers so long ago...I need to pull them out again to enjoy!

Ann Marie said...

I like the birdies ... so cute!

Carol R said...

Great news on *the boy* and great news too that you are now able to take some time to stitch! We can all get a bit grumpy if we don't get our stitching fix!

Bent Creek Snappers is looking good and Rowyn's QFRR too.

Speak soon - hugs!