Monday, February 09, 2009

QFRR Weekend

I did it! My goal this weekend was to finish my section on Rowyn's QFRR so I could post it first thing this morning. Woo! So happy. I finished about 9pm last night and took pictures. Excuse the poor quality...bad lighting and all. Following is the section I stitched...three motifs on the left as well as my initials.
And here is how Rowyn's piece looks so far. I absolutely love the effect of the Needle Necessities overdyed floss she chose...goes from a lovely sea green to a dark blue. Love it!I was happy to get this off in the mail to the next person...especially seeing as I was one week behind due to all the drama revolving around *the boy*. But I am back on track and I have no stitching obligations for the next month or so. Yay!!

I debated long and hard late last night as to what my next project will be. There are so many calling to me...ornaments, Bent Creek Snappers, Peppermint Twist, Fairy Moon, Letter G-Gwendolyn, knitting *the boy* a many to choose from and only so little time not to mention only two hands!! I pulled all the materials to start Peppermint Twist but I felt unsure about the Woodsmoke linen with the threads despite that being the recommended color. It seems a little dark but I think it's because I'm not used to stitching on something so dark. I'm leaving it out on the coffee table to see if the combo grows on me. If it does, I'll head to NiaH for serging this coming weekend and if it doesn't grow on me, I'll head to NiaH anyways to buy an alternate fabric. So the projects at hand this week will be the Country Cottage Needleworks Peace ornament as my travel around project and I will work on the August block of my Bent Creek Snappers when I am actually home.

The weekend was filled with lots of errands and driving around. It is the new routine that I'm not so fond of but I try to remember that it's all just temporary. *The boy* is doing well and healing fast. I took him around to do some errands including grocery shopping. He drove one of those handicapped carts in the grocery store and I cringed in fear that he'd knock over an expensive display. Luckily none of that happened and he went grocery shopping for his own stuff. He loves grocery shopping whereas I hate it. The only demand I had for our time together was for him to treat me to breakfast so we tried Ole's in Alameda which had yummy waffles and to top it off...he made me dinner! Well I helped seeing as he needs crutches...and it was an easy dinner but he takes all the credit for the steaks.

The week is shaping up to be a busy one and I hope to get some stitching done to show mid-week. In the meantime, I hope that everyone has a wonderful start to their week.

Until next time...


Rowyn said...

It is beautiful, thanks so much for stitching on my RR.

I just received yours today from Edgar. Thanks so much for the card and needlebook you enclosed (it was very sweet of you and made my day!).

Theresa said...

The QFRR is beautiful!!! The colors are just lovely~
Good to hear that *the boy* is doing well~ I'm sure things will get back into order soon!!

Carol R said...

Rowyn's RR looks beautiful.

I know I owe you a mail but Talk Talk has been playing up - I downloaded 100s mails this morning so will get to you really soon!

Wendy said...

Rowyn's RR looks great. I love the colour choice she made ~ it looks like its going to be a fun one to stitch on.

maryelizabeth said...

Your stitching is wonderful. It is so exciting for me to see work in progress.
I am also glad that you *boy* is doing so well. I hope to see you at NiaH soon.

Meari said...

Rowyn's RR looks stunning!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous stitching! The colors on this are beautiful!