Monday, February 16, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

A word of warning...if you cannot bear to read sappy and cute and lovey dovey, you can skip this posting all together. I wouldn't want people to hurl their breakfast.

I wouldn't normally be all gushy about Valentines but seeing this is the first year in many years that I actually have one...I figure I can be sappy and annoying. I'm allowed! And I was incredibly surprised at the outcome of Valentine's Day seeing as my expectations were tossed into one of the many mudpuddles scattered around the Bay Area. *The boy* had many tricks up his sleeve.

I've already shared the roses with you and they are holding up very well. I have them displayed in perfect viewing distance near my tv. I also received a very cute card in the mail Thursday night which *the boy* woefully explained I was supposed to have received on Friday. You see, flowers on Thursday, card on Friday and him on Saturday when I drove out to the East Bay to see him. Cute, huh?

On Saturday, I treated myself to a 90 minute massage which was sinful. I wish I could afford to have a massage once a week instead of once a quarter! I slowly made my way to the East Bay to meet *the boy* and we hung out until it was time for dinner. We ate at this neighborhood italian trattoria called Acquacotta in Alameda. I was worried that we would end up waiting forever seeing as they didn't take reservations but they sat us right away and were very accomodating. For starters we had an olive medley appetizer and arancini. I love arancinis and these were quite good but I know this spot in North Beach where they are "o.m.g. so good!" that these couldn't even compare. For entrees, *the boy* had this pasta with a duck confit/ragu that was so good...the duck was so soft and flavorful and the meat just fell apart. I had pasta with meatballs in a light marinara that was very tasty and since it was a "holiday" we ordered two desserts...the pannacotta with strawberries and flourless chocolate cake. Both scrumptious. I am not the biggest chocolate fan but *the boy* is diehard about his chocolate and he was in heaven. I loved the pannacotta...and that was a great recommendation from the waiter. The restaurant was a hit. After we rolled ourselves back home, we just relaxed and watched tv. *The boy* liked his gift from me...Issey Miyake cologne, a small box of chocolates and a cute stuffed animal. In fact, he seemed quite surprised I got him a gift at all. Don't girls give their guys Valentine's Day gifts? I love giving gifts! And to make the day more special, we received a message late in the evening that *the boy's* dear friends, Ron and Pamela got engaged! Congratulations to them!

On Sunday, we woke up very late (1215pm!) and struggled to get moving. We hit Ole's in Alameda again for a very late but yummy breakfast and I dropped him off at the market so he could do grocery shopping. I tell you, he *loves* grocery shopping!! I was more than happy to leave him there and make a quick run to NiaH for fabric consultation and needles. When I walked into NiaH, the lovely Mary told me they had something for me in the store. "They do?!" Hmmm....I don't remember ordering anything?? I open up this envelope she hands me and it was a surprise gift certificate from *the boy* for NiaH. Woo!!! I was floored! That was so thoughtful and of course would come in handy as I am a weekend regular at NiaH (Hi Mary & Leila!). I didn't have much time to shop and only had a couple of things I wanted to buy so I decided to hold onto my certificate to help me pay for the upcoming CA Wells class at the shop. When I went back to the market to pick up *the boy*, I told him he was very sneaky with all his tricks. He was happy it turned out to be a surprise and that I was happy.

Today, *the boy* had to work and I had countless errands to run and parents to visit. It's exhausting driving all over the Bay Area in the rain! tired. I dropped off *the boy* at work in the am and drove everywhere and then picked him up in the evening and met his new bosses. They seem very nice. We then made the trek back to the East Bay and stopped at a gem of a sushi place in Alameda for dinner. Kamakura is a cute spot that seems quite popular with the locals. They had hamachi kama so I was in heaven...that, some tuna sashimi, rice and tea and this girl was a happy camper! The owner, this older japanese lady, was adorable to see playing hostess with the mostest. She was dressed very nicely and checked up on her customers to see how they were faring. One customer had a birthday and it is an all restaurant celebration. The lights go out, the whole room sings happy birthday with the owner taking the lead as they bring out the birthday treat all lit up on a tray. And the best thing of all, they give you a little glass of plum wine with your check as a treat. Any restaurant that is willing to booze me up on my way out the door is a-ok in my book. I will definitely be dragging *the boy* back to that little gem of a sushi place.

I had a lovely Valentine's and as much as *the boy* drives me crazy sometimes, I am very happy he's my valentine.

I hope everyone had a lovely "holiday" and weekend too.

Until next time...

**I'll be back tomorrow with stitchy progress! :)


Theresa said...

How wonderful!!!! I said it and I'll say it again - *The Boy* is a keeper!! Not like my DH over here, he has no romantic bone in him... sigh....
Thanks for sharing your romantic weekend with us~

Leila Jo said...

Over at NIAH we *loved* that your boy went out of his way to treat you and were certainly happy to keep his secret! Yay for sweeties who indulge our stitching habits.

Carol R said...

I made it through your posting without a single hurl!
Off to read your email now

maryelizabeth said...

It was great to be with you when you got your Valentine. It was such a good suprize. We (NiaH) were pretty happy about the it too. :)