Monday, October 26, 2009

Not as Stitch-Ass as I Had Hoped

I think it's hysterical that some of you wished that I got a good case of stitch-ass from my "all crafting" weekend via the comments.

I didn't have as stitchy a weekend as I had hoped. I've got about 11 inches of boy scarf done...and I managed to start the piece for my upcoming exchange. I went to the LNS and found the things I needed and the FYS to check out yarn and write down some scarf patters. And I even made it to Joann's where I found a fun fabric to make pj pants but you know's throws a wrench into things when you find a print you really like and you need 3 yards and there is only 2.25 yds left on the bolt. They told me that the Colma Joann's (about 15 minutes away) had 4 yards so I race there. It is amazing how crazy the Colma store is compared to my Joann's. What the heck!! But what they didn't tell me at the other store was that the Colma store had 4 yards but combined on 2 different bolts. By that time, I just wanted to lay down. Because despite being semi-productive...I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be and I attribute it to one thing.

Last month, I decided to stop taking my birth control pill for a lot of reasons (not because I want a kid!) but mainly because it was making me super hormonal and not in a good way. So after a year of being on this specific pill, I had my first womanly time of the month or whatever you want to call it and I was dizzy and flat out lethargic. Whoa...kind of forgot what a normal period was like too...cramping and all that other stuff. The pill took care of that not to mention knowing the precise moment it was coming. Looks like my body has to readjust. Why it had to happen on crafty weekend, I have no idea!?

Tomorrow, I'll show you my 11 inches of scarf. I haven't touched Newton and the exchange has to remain a secret...for now.

Hope you all had a great weekend with your own version of stitch-ass.

Until next time...


Margaret said...

Oh what a bummer about the fabric! And running around and feeling like you're wasting time you could be stitching or crafting. :( I know what you're saying about stopping the pill. It makes one's period so manageable and is definitely a shock when one goes off it. I hope you get adjusted back to periods without it. Mine are a pain, I know that!

Natasha said...

I have been off of mine for OVER a year. I am a much more mellow person LOL DH would like me to go back so there are no accidents but I like the way I am . NORMAL LOL

Look forward to seeing your scarf progress

CindyMae said...

I am so sorry that your weekend was not so great! That time of month is a drag for sure!! Hope that you are feeling better now though!

Sadie said...

I'm sorry your weekend didn't turn out as you wanted it to.
I used to suffer from horrendous periods, I would spend half of every month either in floods of tears or shouting like a loony. I now have a Mirena coil and I haven't had a period for 3 yrs(don't panic it's normal!)

Deb said...

That's too bad about the fabric. Isn't that always the way though when we really want or need something, you have to go through all kinds of things to get it! And like Margaret said above, you feel like you've wasted a whole lot of time when you don't come back with what you wanted. You should post a scan of the fabric - maybe someone in their area would have it.

Hope that everything goes better with your periods. If I remember from being on them, the first couple after going off were bad, but then they settled down.

And can't wait to see your scarf progress. Do you go on Ravelry and some of the other knitting sites? A lot of freebies there. The one on my blog was a freebie.

Daffycat said...

Getting a good case of stitch-butt makes for the best weekends. Well, having lots of S.E.X. runs a close second anyway!

I'm a total WITCH when off the pill. Not to mention incapacitated with cramps & backache. I guess I'll be keeping mine a few years yet.