Thursday, October 08, 2009

What a Fright!

Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts and wishes for my sister. She gets her MRI results on Monday. Best to have a nice weekend and not worry too much. I have high hopes!

Last night I had a pounding migraine...the kind that feels like your head is a bottle rocket and about to shoot off at any moment. There was no way any sewing would be getting done since I'm still battling with the machine. So...comfies, ice, excedrin and a little wine eventually made things bearable. I picked up Letter G to work a little more on her perch and wings. I got a little thirsty and managed to spill water all over the project because I had forgotten to screw on the top to the water bottle. I went into a panic! Everyone knows Crescent Colors floss isn't colorfast. I was freaking out about the colors bleeding and hit it really fast with the hairdryer. Thankfully...Letter G came out unscathed from her shower but what a fright. I was having visions flash before my eyes about having to start over. Here's where I left off at the end of the night. I figured the shower was an omen that I should be sleeping instead of stitching.

Here's where she is right now. She's hard to put down. I should *really* be sewing instead of stitching. I wonder if I can resist her call tonight. Almost done...Just need to stitch the fairy, finish the wings, do a little backstitching and then the beading.
Letter G is for *the boy's* niece. I bought the supplies late last year and at this point, it'll probably be a christmas present. He'll pay for the framing and I am thinking about using this piece as a "guinea pig" to see how framing from Jill Rensel will come out. I see her do amazing things with framing and everyone raves. Plus, since it's for a little girl, I think handpainted mats will be a cute touch for her.

Well, boring stuff to finish up...more later!

Until next time...


Cindy F. said...

Ouch! I had one of those migraines the other night! I think I need my reading glasses changed!

Keeping your sister is my thoughts and prayers! Hoping for nothing but good news:)

"G" is beautiful!!!

Missy Ann said...

Migraines suck.

G is looking great, and I'm firmly on the Rensel bandwagon - she's just fabulous in every way.

Natasha said...

Those type of migraines are never fun..

Oh boy so glad your colors did not run !! Letter G is coming along nicely I love the colors you are using.

Take Care

Melissa said...

Hi Valerie,

Just catching up on your posts! Belated Happy Birthday to you! Your letter G looks beautiful.

I hope your migraine disappears soon! Someone told me that she has tried everything for migraines and nothing helped until she went and got acupuncture.

Sending your sister good thoughts on good results!

CindyMae said...

Those Migraines are just no fun at all!!! Praying for your sister and the results, please keep us up to date! Great progress!

Margaret said...

Agh! I'm so glad your letter G survived its shower! Definitely send it to Jill Rensel for framing. She does such amazing stuff!! If you need it by a certain time, let her know. She's great about deadlines. I highly recommend her. She's no more expensive than any other framer either! :D

Deb said...

It's looking great, but what a heartstopped with the water. Thank goodness the color held!

Many good thoughts for your sister and her results!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hate migraines too! Excedrin for Migraine is my best friend!

Your letter G looks great, its such a shame that Mira's letter D is a dud, its nowhere near as pretty as some of the other letters.

caerbannog said...

Sending positive thoughts to your sister.

G is looking great so far!

Siobhan said...

PHEW. I am glad that G survived w/o incident.

Prayers for your sister!

Tammy said...

The wip looks great! Add my wishes to the rest for your sis. And yes, migraines do suck-I went through a period of years where I had them and now only every so often. Miserable!

Chiloe said...

Beautiful stitching ;-)

I hate migraines.