Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello my lovelies! It's been a while since I've done a "randomness" post. It was a very busy weekend. I'm not done with my urban hike post and the camera is at home anyways. This weekend wasn't very stitch productive so I've made progress but haven't finished Favorite Spot Sampler. Almost...4 more letters and 4 more motifs. Very close!

So we're left with my randomness and the thoughts that race through my head sometimes.

*How I talked on the phone with this one dating prospect. I hate talking on the phone and have pet peeves about it. I much prefer email or in person communication. My biggest pet peeve is when people are multi-tasking when you are talking to them. I think it's rude. If I receive a call while driving, I let it go to voicemail and I call that person back when I can devote my full attention to them. When someone calls me, I turn off the tv and give my undivided attention to that person. It's how I was raised and I believe it to be good manners. I feel slighted when people don't provide me their attention...especially if they are calling me. This guy was driving and almost went the wrong way because he was talking to me on the phone. I then had to wait while he righted himself. Not to mention the number of times I needed him to repeat himself as once he got home, I could hear him putting things away and dishes being banged about. I did most of the talking on that one since he doesn't seem like a conversationalist. I have to admit, it put me off. Hey man, I liked you in email but now I'm not so sure after talking to you! The same guy called me on Saturday...before 10am (!!)...and I was in the car and pressed for time so I let it go to voicemail. His message said "I'm at the shop waiting for my tires to be rotated so I had some spare time to call you." Be still my beating romantic. Not! It gives me the impression he only has time to talk to me when he is trying to burn some time.

*Dating rule #123 - No calling before 10am or after 9pm. Some girls need their beauty sleep, especially on the weekend.

*I have phone phobia after years of being a telephone switchboard supervisor. Despite this background, I have issues figuring out how my cell phone works!

*Most guys don't believe in astrology but I do. I think I have a quip for every sign. In the end, I think I just need to meet a nice, cute Libra man and I will be set. I'm off Geminis for a bit...need to recover after the last one.

*I have never encountered so many flaky men in my life! I have a 33% rate of return on my dating investments. Not very good. For every 3 men I "talk" to, I meet one. The last one took 3 days to plan. I said Sunday worked for me and he said he'd contact me with details. I waited and waited and waited. It is not cool to hold up someone's whole day because they refuse to plan. It's not that hard to pick a time and place! I think this is how I end up planning all the time!

*I had a terrible dream in which one of my friends died terribly and it spooked me like you wouldn't believe. It seemed so real that I really pondered it if was a dream. I usually don't have bad dreams and if I do, it's usually about being attacked by spiders. I hate spiders!

*I finally broke down and ordered the new iPhone 4s last week. I had a bad feeling about it so I stopped by the Verizon store to check in on my order and wouldn't you know it?! My order went *poof* into some abyss never to be found! At this iPhone for me before my NY trip which is a huge bummer.

*I leave for NY in less than 2 weeks! I'm not ready!

*Bi-Rite Salted Caramel ice cream is decadant. So glad I don't live close or I would be buying multiple quarts of that stuff and calling it dinner. Yummy!

*How is it that I go to Trader Joe's to buy lunch and walk out with $65 worth of food?!

*It's so hard to have a lazy weekend when you've become a social diva. I'm having fun but o.m.g. so behind on everything and the apartment is a wreck! I think I need to try and have a lazy upcoming weekend and force myself to get home stuff done and plan for NY.

*I visited with my folks yesterday and when I got there, I explained I could only be there for 2 hours so that they knew upfront and I could avoid any guilt tripping when I was leaving. My mom was busy when I left and I tried shouting through the door that I was leaving. Deaf as she is, she didn't hear me. An hour later, she leaves me a guilt trip voice mail. I am over the guilt tripping. Don't they realize that they are driving me away? No kid wants to hear the same shit over and over again which in essence makes them feel terrible. If you are a parent...don't so this. It upsets me so much. My sister tells me to ignore it but how can you ignore something that is constant? I'm not lucky enough to have 1500 miles separating me from my parents and they understand nothing about youth, fun or trying to have a social life. They don't "get" me...never have. In their eyes, I'm a failure of a daughter because I refuse to live at home and take care of them and if I don't do that, then I should at least visit everyday. So tired of the "broken record" feeling with this situation.

*Busy weekend...birthday dinner (not mine), city tour and urban hike with my new friend, errands and dinner/drinks out. Amazing how fast a weekend goes by!

Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time...


Carol R said...

Love reading your 'random' post.
Have a great trip to NY!

Margaret said...

I hate that multi-tasking thing too. I especially hate it when someone is walking along and talking and it turns out they're talking on their bluetooth ear piece and you're wondering who the bleep they're talking to. I saw this mother pushing her two kids in one of those supermarket carts with the car attachment this morning doing just that. The poor kids looked so bored and tired. Ugh.

Sorry about your parents driving you nuts. I don't understand why parents lay guilt trips on their kids. I hope I never do that to mine. Just remember, you're a good daughter and you're doing more than your share of being a good daughter too!

BUMMER about the iPhone 4S!!!!!!! Well, at least you'll be getting one. My contract is overdue for a new phone, but I'm still sitting here trying to justify to myself that I need one. lol! I just can't quite do it. Sigh.....

Get those bums of men to stop being idiots. I don't like the sound of that one who multitasks on the phone. Ugh.

Oh, sorry about that bad dream too. I've had a couple of those about my kids. Too scary for words.

Catherine said...

Phew!!! I need some of that ice cream! And as far as Trader Joes, I can relate!

Lisa said...

I love your random thought posts, it reminds me of my routes of thoughts - sometimes they are straight and sometimes they take the crooked path. Doesn't it help you sort things out when you do these brain-dump posts? I always feel refreshed.

I can so relate to your trader joe's visit...I go in with the purpose of getting my older son's favorite yogurt which should only be a $10 visit and I usually come out $75 dollars and 5 bags worth of stuff. But for some reason the dollar seems to go a little further at TJ's vs some of the big box grocery stores.

I am so sorry to hear about the guilt-family thing. Just remember guilt is a feeling of choice and sometimes takes awhile to really understand that. And while I am able to deal with a lot of family issues, I do admit that I am the family member who has flown the coop and 1500+ miles away.

Well I am rambling now...anyway...take care my friend!


Julie said...

I agree with you, when you make a phone call it should get your undivided attention, it's rude to multi-task in the background, you can hear all thats happening and sometimes it's not nice at all!!

Have a lovely trip to NY.

I have an elderly aunt who always moans about everything, she moans that i never visit often enough, she moans that no-one visits, and i wonder why that might be....

Natasha said...

I agree 100% about the whole phone thing. Probably why phone calls are non exsistance now adays.

FYI- Safeway has a salted Carmel ice cream, at least they did last week :) Just thought you should know that hehe.....

There is a guy in my building, very tall, good looking and dark haired *not blond* LOL Super nice, but the only thing I know about him is his dogs name. We should accidently "run" into him one day. I'm just saying LOL

Have fun in NY sorry you wont have your new phone while your there just remember to pack your camerea..

Take Care!!

Carol said...

Oh, the people who are "multi-tasking" while talking to you on the phone just drive me nuts. My sister does that--you can always tell she's on her computer or grading papers when she calls. Why does she bother calling if she's that busy?

Sorry about the phone not coming in, Valerie...My husband just got one and we had the best time "talking" to it the other night when they guys were here for dinner. I'm sure you'll love it when it comes. Me? I'm still using an ancient non-smart phone which everyone laughs at, but I barely remember to take it with me when I leave the house!

Sorry about the parents--I think it may be too late for them to change, unfortunately...

Siobhan said...

I loved your random post! Sorry about the parent stuff! My MIL does that to my husband/her son, and it's only succeeded in driving him away. It's a shame but she just doesn't get it. If he calls--and I have to remind him to do so--she complains throughout the phone call that he doesn't visit enough, mostly that he doesn't send her money (which she doesn't need but he's supposed to send her just because she gave birth to him), etc. Oy.

The multi-tasking on the phone--HUGE pet peeve!!! My mother goes a step further with it, though, and has conversations with the person in the room that is on the phone so it's like a three way conversation, only the person on other end of the phone doesn't get to partake. It's annoying if you're on the other end of the phone and also annoying if you're trying to talk to somebody and she's answering as if she IS on the other end of the phone. Oy. It bugs me just about as much as I was bugged back in the 80s and early 90s by a friend who would let her answering machine answer all of her phone calls & she'd stand near it, only picking up if she felt like talking. I see her on FB and I want to point out how annoying that was, even though it was 20 years ago now. LOL

Have a great trip to NY!

My verification word: Imadude. Not really...

Melanie said...

Gurrl, don't get me started on Trader Joe's. Suffice to say I'm glad the one 'nearby' is over 30 minutes away because I could go broke there.

If it makes you feel better, my husband pre-ordered the iPhone as soon as it was announced, the order has gone just fine, and he is still waiting for it to be shipped, never mind it actually GETTING here.

Have a good time in NY! :)

So sorry dealing with your parents is so hard. My MIL is the same way. So so difficult to deal with, especially because there is nothing to change the dynamic outside of total avoidance.

Pumpkin said...

OH! That is one of my biggest pet peeves!!!! You're right, if you can't concentrate on the person you're talking to, talk to them L-A-T-E-R! Grrrrrr!

Meari said...

LOL, I am a multi-tasker! I multi-task when I'm on the phone... anything from washing dishes, hanging laundry, making the bed, and stitching. Yes, stitching! Bluetook headsets are great. I don't phone multi-task when I don't know a person well, though. Like a potential date.

Uh, yeah. I'm not a fan of guys who call you when they "have a few minutes". Like an after thought. I want to know I rank higher than tire rotation. Duh, dude.

I've actually told guys not to call me after 9pm. Had one who did the "after bar time" call. I don't answer calls after 10pm unless it's family and it better be an emergency!

When I remember my dreams, they're usually very realistic too. I don't dream about things I'm afraid of... maybe I'm not afraid of much, lol. Hellraiser movies, now they give me nightmares!

Trader Joes... never go to the grocery store when you're hungry, lol.

I can relate to the parent thing. EVERY time I visit mine, no matter how much time I stay there.... hours, half a day... they always say something like "Come back when you can stay longer." Whaat? Guilt tripping - Yeah, my Mom is good at that. I see my parents every few months because I don't want to deal with that stuff.

Why do you call it an Urban Hike? As opposed to a normal hike?