Saturday, December 31, 2011

And We Say Hello to Another Year!

It's that time of year where we look over the goals we set and see how well we did. I feel like I did terribly in the stitching arena but I did well on personal goals

2011 Personal Goals

~Be more positive and happy. - Yes, slowly getting there. I feel 100% better now than this time last year.
~Lose 10 pounds and exercise regularly. - Not really.
~Continue to save money - Not really, getting a new car but a wrench in my saving plans.

2011 Stitching Goals

~Finish Mary Wigham - No, but I got up to Part 5. I've deemed her an UFO.
~Finish BBD Where My Heart Blooms - Yes! I finished!
~Stitch one design per month on the BBD Anniversaries of the Heart Series - Um no. I stitched 3.75 blocks.
~Start two Mirabilias - No
~Stitch 12 Christmas Ornaments - Only stitched one! Big fail!
~L*K Christmas Rules - Yes and it graced my wall this year. Yay!

2011 allowed me 15 finishes...3 less than last year. I had hoped for more stitching time but things got in the way. My focus for 2012 is to enjoy my stitching and get some major projects up and on my walls. So my goals for 2012 are short and simple.

I'll stick with the same personal goals for 2012.
2012 Personal Goals

~Continue to be more positive and happy.
~Lose 10 pounds and exercise regularly. I;m hoping the fancy scale I just ordered motivates me.
~Continue to save money.
~Continue efforts of meeting new people and being social.

2012 Stitching Goals
~Mirabilia Fairy Moon
~Chatelaine Taj Mahal
~Seasonal stitching (Easter, Halloween, Christmas)

If I can get Fairy Moon and Taj Mahal done and framed (or at least to Jill for framing), I will call 2012 a successful year.

Happy New Year my friends. I wish you the very best. Smiles, happiness, love, health, prosperity and lots of stitching time.

Much love,


cathymk said...

Happy new year, Valerie!

15 finishes is a great year by my reckoning!

Good luck meeting your goals for 2012!

Margaret said...

Happy New Year! It's interesting looking back and seeing how the goals went. Simple goals are good imo. :D Me? I'm terrible at goals. lol!

Catherine said...

Happy New Year Valerie!

Jan said...

Valerie, wishing the best year ever in 2012 for you!

Carol said...

It's so wonderful that you're beginning 2012 in a better place, Valerie. Surround yourself with positive people--it makes such a difference :)

Hugs to you, my friend--and happy new year!

Katrina said...

Hope you have a happy, happy New Year!!!! Great goals :-).

Daffycat said...

Wishing you joy this year, Valerie!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year Valerie! May 2012 bring much health and happiness to you! You deserve the best! I hope that this year I can find time to meet up with you for some stitching time and catch up on things in person. We need to schedule another meeting time at Needles in Haystack!
Take care!

Chris said...

Happy New Year Valerie!
You got a lot of stitching done in 2011. I am looking forward to seeing your 2012 progress.

Julie said...

I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you Valerie filled with lots of happy and fun ties.

Giovanna said...

A very happy 2012 to you, and may you achieve lots of your goals! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Valerie, I hope 2012 is a happier year for you, great plans for this year (something I need to do)
Look forward to seeing your this years little x's appearing on your blog

hugs x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Valerie, sweet and simple is the way to to,nest of luck this year in all aspects of your life! I look forward to keep reading your blog this year!

Melanie said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Great goals! And I think that feeling happier and more positive about things is the best goal of all, and you did that! Yay! Happy New Year, my friend!!

Siobhan said...

Happy new year, Valerie!

Natasha said...

YAY!! But most of all at the top of those goals HAVE FUN!! be it by yourself or with others have fun!!

I can't wait to see your stocking progress, next time.
Take care friend

Suzanne said...

Good luck with your goals, I find keeping them simple, goes a long way in achieving them. Have a great new stitching year!

♥ Nia said...

Happy 2012!!! :D
Good luck on achieving your goals for the new year!! :)

Pumpkin said...

I think goals are there just to guide you, not to put pressure on you. Do what you feel is comfortable. If you achieve one, then yay!

I hope 2012 bring new and exciting things for you Valerie!

Meari said...

Good luck with your 2012 goals.

Happy New Year, Valerie!