Thursday, July 14, 2005

Things of Three = Bad

Yea, so I answered my own question and I am super behind on my blog so this whole story is actually old. But you may remember that I was going out with this guy from Visalia who was V#3 and I was curious if he was actually a good guy who would stick around considering he had the same name as two other friends of mine who are totally cool, good guys. Let's just say that V#3 was a good guy to a certain extent. Meaning that at least he called me to dump me over the phone and didn't pull a complete disappearing act but did just a little. I knew that he was juggling a bunch of girls...six to be exact and that in the end he had narrowed it down to two. Me and "the other girl". After our Date #3, V#3 disappeared for a week and I knew that he was basically distancing himself from me...which I had expected but wish he could have just said what the fuck he was thinking instead of me having to come to my own conclusion and think he was a nimrod. NIMROD! Yea and that's being nice since some of my friends called him an asshole. V#3 still said he wanted to be friends but I really want to deal with that?! Yea...I don't really think so.

So I have learned that despite me juggling 3 guys at a time, I don't appreciate knowing that I am one of however many girls some guy is juggling. It's a pretty fucked up feeling and I am thankful that my match stint is coming to an 6 days to be exact.

I am tired of the jerks, stalkers, freaks, momma's boys and nimrods. Aren't there any normal guys out there? I am really starting to doubt it. But I'll get into the mix of things, keep busy and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised at some point....maybe.

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