Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just a Casual Fling?!

Ok...I am sad to say that I only stuck with my "no dating" plan for a mere three weeks. But three weeks is good, right? Aw C'mon...give me some credit! I've been dating nonstop for over two years and was actually able to take down my profile, read Harry Potter #7, watch Season #1 of Grey's Anatomy, catch up with friends and relax before I felt like I had too much time on my hands and started scamming for guys again. And I hit it off with someone who was fun for a couple of weeks but truly the epitome of a casual fling. It took longer for me to get the sunglasses I accidentally left behind at his place back than the actual fling. But you know what...having a casual fling was nice...weird and completely different for me...but nice. It was exciting, he was fun and HOT and for once, I wasn't stressed out about expectations, what he wants, what I want, what he feels, what I feel. It just flowed, happened and was fun. It was nice to find out that things don't always have to feel so pressured.

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