Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The day after my friend Bob and I were run out of the pub by the super nerdy trivia freaks, Bob's dad passed away. He had known it was a matter of days and had prepared himself as well he could. I have to say that he kept his composure very well. His friends kept him as preoccupied as possible until he had to drive south to be with his mom and I was getting things together to help him for the job interview he had today. He says that went well and I am very happy for him but in awe that he was able to handle a job interview less than a week after his father passed away. I'm sad for him though...I can just imagine what it is like to lose a parent. And it makes me wonder how many years I have left with mine. It makes me realize that I should spend more time with them...even though they complain...even though they are needy and they drive me crazy...I should spend more time with them because you never know. Life is too short to live it regretful of the past if you can change the past in the present.

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