Monday, August 25, 2008

A Peek into the Boy's Club

The weekend is over and it's Monday...again. I seriously need to figure out how to hop onto that "work 4 days a week" bandwagon because only having two days off in a week, just about kills me. I need another day!

This weekend was "boy's club" weekend. For being a girl, I probably go out with and have more guy friends than girl friends. I work in a boy's club and I can be a smart-ass and a prankster with the best of them if I have to be. Maybe this is why I have so many guy friends? I don't know...would be nice to just find a guy to be a boyfriend already. But perhaps this is another reason for lack of boyfriend. I know too much. I know the games. I know what happened even when they haven't told me. I can sense it.

And because of this...I'm pretty good at taking care of myself in the crazy little world of online dating. Don't stamina for dating has decreased dramatically and I am sitting here waiting for my fairy godmother to show up already and wave her little wand and bring my Prince Charming to light. Hmmm...not likely but a nice thought.

Boy's Club weekend always contains a lot of interesting conversation which usually revolves around dating, relationships, who we know in common and how we've become friends in the first place. Dating and relationships are always topics in my conversation repertoire. Mainly because I have "girl insight" and way too much dating experience. The topics were particularly interesting this weekend.

Why do guys always find the most damaged, crazy mess of a girl to "fall in love" with and then wonder why things are so f-ed up? Anyone involved in drugs or a heavy alcohol for the hills as fast as you can. Seriously, this will save anyone (guy or girl alike) a lot of time and heartache. Put your tennis shoes on and run...pretend you're in a track race. And then I have to hear how "girls are crazy". Ok, yes, there are a lot of crazy girls but not all girls are crazy! I'm not...quirky, maybe but not crazy. But see...I can't even defend my gender because I've come across a lot of crazy girls in my time and so I know girls are crazy just like guys are *insert adjective or noun here*.

Then there was trying to justify the difference between a date and a hook-up. I had to go a couple of rounds on this one and I still think I'm right. Guys can think what they want. And as usual, I had to have my usual conversation about how sometimes, dating within your age bracket is good and maybe the girls would be more responsible, non-crazy and together. No girl in their early 20's is all that responsible, sane or at all together. They are cute and crazy! Once you hit your 30's and 40's, I feel the maximum age difference should be no more than 10 years. Anymore than that and there are some major differences and that girl will be asking you who John Hughes is. Trust one wants to feel that old!

Boy's Club weekend was fun though. How else can a girl hang out with guys, drink beer, bourbon and whiskey, swear a blue streak, eat what they want and argue the sides of dating and relationships? Plus, it gives me more guy insight. Girls can never have too much...

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