Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quiet Time and Mistaken Identity

This week is very quiet. No social fun on the calendar which is unlike me and whereas I find it strange, I'm not really interested in filling the quiet time with events and activities. The quiet time is nice and I could definitely use this time to get ahead on my stitching projects and obligations...not to mention the apartment projects I should have gotten to months ago. So the goal for tonight is to finish the April Snapper with border so I can start the Quaker Friendship Round Robin and get that on its way. I'll also start in on cleaning and organizing my office at home which has become the ultimate disaster area. Trust me...there are even more apartment projects after I get finished with this one.

But I do have to say that I know things are very quiet when the most exciting thing to happen so far this week is a funny little case of mistaken identity at the dentist's office yesterday. I was apprehensive about my appointment because the hygenist I had been assigned to the last three times must thrill in torturing me. Why else would I be gripping my hands and cringing so much during a cleaning. She likes torturing the patients. I'm sure of it! I requested a new hygenist and it was my first time visiting with her and I was so hoping she wasn't all into torturing patients too.

So I arrived at the dentist's office and the receptionist said that she would let Dr. H know that I was there. Hmmm. Confused. I had to clarify that I was not there to see Dr. H since I was Dr. L's patient. A little weird but she must have read the screen incorrectly. Then Dr. L mumbled that it was time to go into the exam area and whereas he said a name, I didn't really hear him but I was also the only person in the waiting room and of course, assumed it was me since who else was there? I get situated into the dental chair and Dr. L says "ok, we're going to remove the crown and scrape away the decay..." and I just about yelped and jumped out of the chair! "Um, Dr. L, I think you have me mistaken with someone else. I don't have a crown. I'm just here for a cleaning!" At that point I was thinking...I might be better off without the cleaning and maybe they could just write down that I did one and we can pretend like nothing weird happened. Because let me tell you, that crown business did not sound cool and I wanted no part of it! I turned around and I never saw Dr. L look more red. He was so embarrassed! It was pretty funny and he apologized and said he felt like a "tool". Ha! I haven't heard someone say "tool" in a very, very long time! Maybe now, he'll remember who I am? That would be nice.

And the new hygenist was a dream! No torture session, super gentle and I'll be going back to her. Plus...the best cavaties. :)

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DaisyGirl said...

Gosh, I hate the dentist as it is, I'd be like, outta there!
Have a great day!