Monday, March 16, 2009

Buh-bye Weekend!

Ugh...Monday already?! How did that happen? I really could use another day. I'm sure there are loads of people who feel that same way too.

I had grand plans this weekend...they pretty much evolved around staying at home all weekend in my pajamas. in pajamas...these ones are my stripes and super warm and comfy.

And watching movies and tv.
I was all ready with my netflix which consisted of Season 1 discs for both The Closer and Bones. Two shows I enjoy which *the boy* doesn't really like watching with me due to the violence and "ewww" factor.

But sometimes, the best laid plans have a couple of bumps along the road. This weekend I felt rather blah and down even though I had it all to myself. I had told *the boy* I needed the weekend to myself since I was worn out and so tired of the stressed and hectic pace of the last few weeks. I wanted to be a futon potato and relax and let tv and a few pampering appointments take care of things. I indulged in sleeping in until 11:30am and soon thereafter I received a call saying my Sunday massage appointment had been cancelled. I really wanted a massage because of the stress and tension but there is also the factor that it's hard getting an appointment with my massage therapist! I headed out for my manicure. Since I had this gift certificate the crazy Russians gave *the boy* to give to me for a local salon, I figured that would be a treat. I was rather disappointed in the ambiance of the salon not to mention they were running 20 minutes late, were super disorganized and did a rather crappy job on my nails. I would not recommend the salon to anyone and ponder doing a yelp review. After the manicure, I looked at new phones and I think I picked out my future cell phone and then headed to Peet's where I did a rather good job of scalding my hand with piping hot coffee. Ouch! And then headed to the neighborhood taqueria for a taco and got the girl who didn't know how to even make one. I had to remind her what went in one as she skipped over ingredients. *sigh* And after all that I had to head over to the parentals so not really the most relaxing day. I was rather spent and cranky after it all.

But that evening, I found a little bit of my stithing mojo and made a small start on my CCN Peace Christmas Ornament. Here is it so far...not bad for absent-minded stitching. I am hoping to finish it entirely by the end of the month. The stitching is no's the actual finishing that sometimes seems daunting to me.
Sunday was a lot better...I slept in again, watched tv...saw this cute little film and read.
Coraline was a very cute film about how what you want may not always be best or what it seems. I greatly enjoyed it and wheras it was dark, I didn't find it scary...even with the 3-D glasses.

Sunday was a good day but I just wish I had one more day to the weekend! Tomorrow is stitchy night and I don't know what to work on. I know I should work on Edgar's QFRR. I was hoping to strategize between his and the next one so I don't end up stitching the same section three times! And I was really hoping the other stitcher would get back to me over the weekend but it's time I suck it up and take the gamble on which one I do on this one and hope it's a different section on the next one. Housework and stitching...the agenda for tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend...

Until next time...


Yoyo said...

Have a bite of chocolate....the best perk-er up-er, (LOL). Hope your week develops better.

Dianne said...

Well, despite being in all weekend, you did get some great stitching done and also got to see some great movies/shows!

Lisa said...

"Going with the flow" or "be flexible" is sometimes the best advice that I try to live. And sometimes, when you look back at what was accomplished even with the "bumps" you encountered in the road - you can smile. We here, across the bay, had a car and a computer die..but somehow, it caused more laughs in my family.
Take care! Maybe pj days are in your future for next weekend.

Theresa said...

I'm sorry your weekend didn't go as well as you planned, but atl least you did get some stitching done and watched a good movie~
I hope your week goes better~~


Carol R said...

Great pj's! Your Saturday sounded quite exhausting - next time make it a stitch Saturday and I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Nice start on 'Peace'.

Why don't you check with the the 'other stitcher' to see which section of QFRR she is working on? It can be quite boring to stitch the same section twice especially if it's the 'devil's horns' section! I think I have stitched on everyone's now so just waiting on mine coming home.

Anonymous said...
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