Friday, March 06, 2009

Four More Weeks


Four more weeks was not the news we had hoped to hear from the doctor not to mention we had to wait forever to get the bad news. The fibula has already calcified and healed right up but it looks like that tibula is going to be a nagging pain in the patoot to heal. The break was still quite clear on the xray as well as the big metal rod and pins in his leg. It's weird seeing an xray with a rod and pins in a leg.

Four more weeks of no weight bearing, boot and crutches and four more weeks of my "around the bay area" excursions. I about have a stress attack every weekend since it appears that people don't know how to drive at all. Running red lights, driving about like it's a leisurely Sunday stroll, people talking on their cell phones while driving, cutting me off, not signaling. It's all so annoying and I've realized that I hate driving! It puts me in such a bad mood. As if all that is not enough of a headache to deal with, *the boy* just emailed me to tell me that the "friends" he is renting from at the moment have decided to double (yes, double!!!) the rent on his room starting May 1st. Nice, huh? What kind of friends are those!?! we have to look for another room/apartment for him to rent within the city limits...preferably. Most people would wonder why he doesn't just move in with me but it's a little hard to get to his work on public transportation from where I live (especially on crutches) and we've already established my place (despite it being a good size) is too small for the two of us. We might kill each other! We are both too independant and hard-headed to have someone underfoot all the time.

It's headache upon headache! I would talk about the up points of the day like the Fabrege/Lalique/Tiffany exhibit and a wonderful dinner at Absinthe but I'm so mad I could spit (how unladylike) so I will go into all that in my next post. stitching pictures as I haven't picked up a needle in over a week. I can hardly believe it...seems so strange.

I promise to have more interesting and not such downer things to say in the next post.

Until next time...


Theresa said...

I do not enjoy driving, either, just too much stress!!!!!
I'm sorry to hear about things not going the right way. I guess you just have to be patient about the injury, a full recovery is worth a million bucks!!
As for the rent thing, doubling it is just not right.....concider how high rent is already in CA (the one thing I'm REALLY not use to....). I truely hope you will be albe to find a nice place pretty soon. Hang in there!!!


Carol R said...

Sorry to hear that *the boy* is having to remain on crutches for another 4 weeks - I wish him a speedy recovery. I cannot believe that his so-called friends are doubling his rent - I hope you manage to find something more affordable and suitable really soon.

Wendy said...

How unfair to double his rent when he is dependent on them right now! Sounds pretty underhanded to me. I'm sure 4 more weeks sounds like forever, but it will pass and hopefully once he's out of the cast, he'll get active in no time again...and take over the driving again!

Meari said...

Sounds like drivers around here, and I live in a city of 26K. LOL

Sorry you guys got bad news on the healing. :(

Looking forward to your next "up" post, though. :) Just think... It could be worse...

Mary Elizabeth said...

Just thinking about ya, and hoping for the future. hug