Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

This will be short and sweet seeing as I babbled yesterday. Tuesdays are beginning to see a non-stitchy streak. I had every intention of finishing or attempting to finish the stitching of my Peace ornament but after I visited with the chiropractor and finished my chores, my tummy was feeling quite unsettled. I wasn't sure why since I hadn't eaten dinner yet but I think it was taking my vitamin and calcium on an empty stomach which I usually don't do.

Because of that, my stitching mojo went away for the night and I decided to look for a new cell phone online and read more of The Other Boleyn Girl. I am really enjoying this book and it has been keeping me up past midnight because I just can't put it down! That makes getting up in the mornings very difficult!!

But I am feeling much better now.

Stitching time will be scarce the next few days as I have yoga, much laundry to do at the parentals and *the boy* will be spending the weekend with me starting Friday night and I have to work part of Sunday. I doubt I'll have much of a progress report until next week. But I will try to finish up my ornament and flip my coin as to what section to start stitching on Edgar's RR.

Hope everyone has a nice week and lots of stitchy progress...

Until next time...


Theresa said...

I'm definitely going to get that book!!!! I just went to the library today but couldn't get my library card just yet... That will be the first book I'll check out!!

Carol R said...

I must admit I cheated and watched the movie - it's brilliant and the costumes are gorgeous! I must go the library and stock up with books for the forthcoming weeks.

I hope you are feeling better now? Do I owe you a mail? I must check back


Mary Elizabeth said...

I hope you got to rest and stitch a bit this weekend. I have been missing your blog as I was housesitting at the 1900s House. :) I hope to see you soon. Mary