Monday, December 21, 2009

Find a Little Joy

It doesn't really feel like Christmas this year. Mind you, I'm being a Scrooge, my folks are being scrooges and so are some of my co-workers. We probably aren't helping each other get into the Christmas Spirit being all Scrooge-y. I've always found it hard to deal with the holidays for reasons I discussed around Thanksgiving.

But I still find some movies like The Holiday, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street. Netflix will be bringing me A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life and The Bells of St. Mary this week to enjoy.

The holiday cds. Just this year, I finally bought White Christmas by Bing Crosby. My parents had the LP and when I was a kid...think 6 or 7...I would lug my Fisher Price record player all over the house, find a record, put it in my player and lie down on the carpet and listen. During Christmas, as a kid, I'd play Bing all the time. It's time to reminisce a little. He'll be crooning to me this year.

Christmas treats like the abundance of fudge, cookies and chocolate. Tomorrow is the holiday potluck at work and I am going to try to make these peppermint brownie bites. I love candy canes and incorporating that into dessert...bring it! I hope they turn out ok! If they bomb, I have a box of Peppermint JoeJoe's from Trader Joe's in case of emergency. Mmmm.....peppermint creme oreos! Yum!

Christmas lights...I love looking at them. It's the main reason I risked my neck climbing into the depths of the closet to dig out my tree. Blinky twinkly lights are my favorite thing!

And stitching...must stitch to prevent loss of sanity. Mary Wigham saw a little more action last night as I set aside an hour to stitch. Still on that massive motif though. I'll devote a little more to her tonight in between baking and then must make a start in my PIF this week. I heard from *the boy* that my little package arrived. In it was one of the ornaments I made last week. One went to my friend Kelly and the other to *the boy's* mom. I still have two waiting to be finished but those I'll just save for next year. The training I have invested in *the boy* must be working as he sent me the photo below without any other prompting. It's a Christmas miracle!! lol
Joy freebie by Lilybet Designs
32 count Antique Ivory Belfast
Recommended GAST and DMC

I wish I had had time to do a beaded edge but I was quickly running out of time and didn't really have any beads that matched. So, simple finish...the backside has the same border as the front side. can you tell that *the boy's* family is at least part-Irish. The shamrock and the leprachan cracks me up!

I'll be blogging through Christmas since I don't have any concrete plans. Visiting the folks, avoiding the brother and stitching to my hearts' content while listening to holiday music and watching holiday movies while in the glow of my twinkling little fake tree. But for those of you disconnecting during the holidays, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a marvelous holiday. Merry Christmas....Feliz Navidad...Joyeux Noel.
Snoopy say Merry Christmas too...

Until next time...


Margaret said...

Ok, you're the second person to mention the peppermint creme oreos. How come I can never find them?! What am I doing wrong? :D

That's pretty impressive that the boy sent you a picture of the ornament without prompting. Good training indeed!

I hope you enjoy your Christmas! Bing -- ah nostalgia!

Ann Marie said...

A skating Snoopy? I'm in love!

I haven't been in the holiday mood either, even though I keep trying to force myself. I don't really feel Christmas-y unless I'm up in SF.

Missy Ann said...

Pretty ornie! I think a fiber optic tree counts as decorated. :)

It'd be nice if I blogged sometime during Christmas...

Hazel said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I love that Joy ornie. Another one on the "must do" list. Have a peaceful one. x

Daffycat said...

Oh your ornament is lovely!

I've been kinda grinchy myself, this year!