Thursday, December 03, 2009


I've been away from the blog for a couple of days, trying to take on a couple of new challenges.

November was all about NaBloPoMo and seeing if I could do that and I did! Pat on the back for me!

December is about another personal challenge. You may remember that I was complaining about being winded just climbing up my three flights of stairs. Something that didn't faze me before. 50 stairs up...50 stairs down. The down part is's the up part that is hard. This year, I've been completely lax about fitness and working out and staying/getting into shape. All I want is to have energy and lose 10 pounds. 15 pounds...I'd be over the moon. I'm pretty height/weight proportionate but could use more muscle tone over jiggly tone. I started very slow at just 1x per week the last two weeks of November. 20 minutes on the elliptical to start. First week...20 minutes...felt like dying. Holy out of shape! Second week...25 minutes...legs felt like jello and I thought I might fall down the stairs. This week, 25 minutes and I'm ok. I hate working out! I don't mind the elliptical or walking though. I figured the elliptical during the winter is the best bet since it's pitchblack by the time I leave work and if I'm going to exercise, it's best to get it over right after work. There is a small workout room in my building at work so I don't even go outside. If I's over. I make's dark, it's cold, I need to do errands, I need to stitch...I need to do anything other than work out!

So Tuesday, Wednesday and today, I've done the elliptical. It helps that my coworker is using the room too so I feel like I have support and he can stand my whining. As much as I don't like working out, it's nice to see I ellipticaled (I know that isn't a word!) for 1.5 miles and burned 180 calories in 25 minutes. I think those numbers are the only thing that get me through it. I'm hoping for 3x ellipticaling during the week and one good walk on the weekend. The goal is to be able to do more time at a higher level but for now, I will take my 25 minutes at Level 2. One day, I'll get to Level 8 and I better have buns and thighs of steel by that point so help me!

Second trying to figure out how to meet new people and make new friends. Always a new challenge when you're no longer in school or a public transportation commuter. I also work in an organization full of men with egos as big as a 747. work friends are minimal. If you have suggestions of how to meet new folks, send them my way. Many of my friends are now scattered all over the states, married and are starting families, planning to start having families soon or just so in the throes of new's sightly disgusting. I am looking forward to being more involved with two local stitching groups in the new year and am excited about that but stitching isn't everything (omg, did I just say that!?).

Third challenge...for being in a scrooge - bah humbug mood about the holidays...I am suddenly obsessed about christmas ornaments having seen so many folks stitching such beautiful creations this season. I must have ornaments! So I will challenge myself to an ornament a month at least. I'd love to do two. But one at least while working on my two BAPs for 2010...Mary Wigham and Fairy Moon. I might even start ornaments this weekend since I decided to not feel guilty about my sewing class and lack of vest. Screw sewing...Viva la stitching! Of course, this will only happen if I ass-plant on the futon. I always say I will and end of squandering away precious stitching time on things like errands and laundry and cleaning! But I am hopeful that I will have 12 new ornaments to decorate the tree I envision myself putting up next year.

Since I've been ellipticaling and catching up on chores after work, stitching has been minimal. I've stitched most of the snowflakes on Christmas Tea and can probably finish it by tomorrow night or Saturday for sure.

Well, I know I've been rambling...I had wanted to put up a picture that Jill Rensel sent me of my framed Letter G but I can't figure out how to save it as a picture file so I sent it to *the boy* which usually means it may never get done. But he did it and turned it into the size of a quarter! *sigh* It's truly beautiful but the big reveal may have to wait until I receive it and can take a picture of my own. I'm so excited! I wish I could share it!!

Until next time...


CindyMae said...

Sounds like great challanges and i hope that you do fantastic with them all!!! Now I am a total Christmas fantastic but have never been that big on the ornies but like you, I am obsessed this year too. Everyone has been making such gorgeous oneS!!

Margaret said...

lol about the Jill Rensel pic being the size of a quarter! Ah well, these technical guys, no help at all! (My DH is my techie.) I like all your goals. I'd love to try an elliptical but I don't belong to a gym. Exercising and sticking to it is so hard, isn't it? Speaking of which, I need to get going so I can exercise. Groan......

Margaret said...

Oops! Forgot to say I am clueless about how to meet people. Sorry. The only things I can think of are the obvious like Facebook and stuff. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Very good goals you are setting for yourself. For exercise, keeping an exercise journal has helped me maintain my daily spinning - because if I don't see anything logged in, then I am a mess until I get on that bike!
I like your Ornament challenge mixed in with your 2BAPs.
As for meeting new people - I think the 2 stitching groups are a good start, as those are groups with interests like is a start and a good goal. And maybe you, Natasha and I (and anyone else nearby) could also put some dates on the calendar in 2010 as a commitment to gtg...oh, yah, do you have a local library, sometimes they have interest groups that gtg? Just another idea.
Take care

Branlaadee said...

Sounds like good goals. I really need to start exercising again too. I even have an eliptical in my livingroom, so I dont have an excuse. His name is Vishas. Say it outloud and you'll understand.

I have been trying to figure out how to meet up with real people too. Have you looked at I was thinking of finding a bookclub or something to join.

I'll be doing an orament a month too, but I'll be making them for my family. We'll have to keep eachother on track.

Cant wait to see your G!

Natasha said...

Those are great "Challenges" I remember the gym, though I my need to mapquest it, it has been a good month or so since I last went LOL

We can have a virtual SAL for the ornament a month becasue I also want to have 12 ornaments oon my tree next year.

As far as meeting new people, have you checked out I found a West Highland Dog meetup group in San Jose, though I rarely go anymore they do have things like Hiking groups and all such things.

Good luck on your challenges :)

Missy Ann said...

I can hardly wait to see your G! Jill is just brilliant, she always makes our work look it's absolute best.

I have to admit, I do better with online friends than in person. I have been doing a little better lately - when get together opportunities arise I have been taking them and it's helping.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on the exercise! I'm in a no exercise phase. I wish I could find a balance. It seems like you've got it figured out what works for you!

An ornie a month sounds doable. I can't wait to see what you decide to stitch!

Katrina said...

Jill is amazing! I am so glad you are happy with what she did and I can't wait to see pics.

I am so with you on the working out thing and I love the elliptical, we actually own a very nice one so all I have to do is go down into the man cave to work out. You'd think I would do better.

Hope your Christmas is merry and you get lots of ornaments finished.

Siobhan said...

Sorry, but I'm laughing at the picture being reduced to the size of a quarter!! LOL

Good for you, both on your personal fitness goals and on your stitching goals. Sounds like a plan!! :)

Siobhan said...

Oh, and ps. I have no idea about making friends! I used to have a nice close knit group of friends when I lived in the US. Here, the kids are past the ages where I become friendly with their friends' mothers because we see each other so much. Church volunteering brought me in contact with much older people. I'm friendly with the neighbors, but really, there is nobody I'd call up just to chat, much less spend more time with than that. It's hard--I miss it. I have resigned myself to being happy in my own company and look forward to being with friends when I'm in the US. I hope things work out better for you!

Hazel said...

I totally hear you about the exercise. I have been doing the c25k plan and got to week 4 but am having major probs getting it going again - rain, sore throat, any excuse. Ornies are great fun and there are so many freebies out there. I think I will have to buy a bigger tree next year for them. xx