Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photos, Photos!

OMGosh...aren't you glad I'm not subjecting you guys to another pictureless post?! I rushed home at lunchtime today to heat up soup, take pictures and load them into blogger!

First up is my Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea finish. This fabric seems difficult to photograph...or it might me the intense gray dreariness of the day but I tried! The fabric is really a blue-ish gray color.
Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea
Lakeside Linens 40ct. Tundra
Recommended Belle Soie

The funny thing about Christmas Tea is that it's charted for Cranberry where there are little spaces in the letters but the model photo does not have the Cranberry spots stitched within the letters. I saw some photos stitched as charted and I decided I liked the model more so I went without. That's part of the reason why I also went with Lakeside Linens Tundra. The model photo looks like it's stitched on a blue-gray color but the color linen recommended (which I can't remember the name of right now) is actually a green color. It's always so interesting how the camera and lighting can really change the look of things.

Over the last week, I received some lovely goodies in the mail. Staci sent me a cut of some "Staci-dyed" linen. That was so nice of her! I was very touched to receive a goodie from her and I can't wait to figure out what to stitch on it. I just love the color and the mottling! I was also lucky to receive an "honorable mention" on Ruth's blog from a giveaway she was hosting and she sent me these lovely threads. She included some GAST, WDW, Belle Soie and Threadworx. All the colors are great and I actually didn't have any of these colors!

On Tuesday, I rushed home anticipating and worried about my Jill Rensel package. When I walked through the door of my apartment, the package was safely sitting there, waiting for my arrival. Whew! All I can say is that Jill is a fabulous framer and I may just have to start sending her all my projects that require framing from now on! She does such a good job and is so sweet! Letter G came out fabulous and just what I wanted! I'm kind of sad my name doesn't start with a G so I can keep it for myself. I'll let the pictures do all the talking. They are all clickable! These photos actually show a truer color of the fabric too...a soft pale yellow.

I am thinking about getting my Snapper Year and Christmas Tea out for her for framing. I'll be simple with those...just a frame since I don't think they require matting or anything fancy. Now time to pack up Letter G and get her on her way to her new home.

Until next time....


Missy Ann said...

I was so excited when I saw you had posted! And I was not disappointed at all. G is beautiful!

Christmas Tree is lovely too.

I really need to blog and get the photos of my lovely mail haul posted. I've just been in a nasty ugly mood all week and I'm not sure I can make it through a whole post without spewing bile.

Margaret said...

Love your letter Christmas Tea! And the lovelies you got in the mail too. Isn't Jill Rensel just amazing? I just love what she did with your letter G! Wow! She is so talented! And she's so reasonably priced too! I would use her a lot more if I were closer to her. I just love her work. Now can't you pretend to have a letter G in your name? lol! (That frame is wonderful too, btw!)

Branlaadee said...

Wow! Your G is amazing! I really need to start sending some stuff out to her to get framed.

I think we should all start calling you Gallerie, so you can keep it. ;)

I love Christmas Tea. It looks great. I am always disappointed how the color of the fabric turns out in photos too. I dont know what it is, but it always washes out or looks grey.

Nice goodies you got in the mail too!

Blu said...

Christmas Tea looks very nice. The birds are really cute.
The framing on G looks amazing. I love the little curly vine things. And as for keeping it, you could just give yourself a nickname that starts with G, and claim that this is to commemorate that...

Cole said...

Christmas Tea looks so sweet, but G is fabulous!!! It looks amazing :)

Theresa said...

I love how G turned out!! It is gorgeous!!!!!
I've always wanted to stitch Christmas Tea, too~~~ Yours came out beautiful~
And what a sweet package you got!!! So jealous~~~ ;-)

Danielle said...

Everything looks great! I love Christmas Tea. That is actually one pattern I do not have!!!

Carol R said...

Love love your Christmas Tea - both fabric and thread look great. I don't know what it should look like but I surely like what you did!

"G" is amazing - your frame choice is lovely and the specialist mounts are stunning! I am sure that one little girl is going to be very happy to have that on her bedroom wall.

Great fabric from Staci and nice threads from Ruth - you have been spoiled this week but you do deserve it!

Happy Holiday!

Lisa said...

Your Christmas Tea is beautiful!!! And the way G is framed...well, I don't know what to say except it is amazing. Between your stitching and the craftwomanship of the framing, it is a very lovely piece! I, like you, would consider sending many of my hard stitched pieces to her for something like that :)
Take care!

Barbi said...

That mat on the G is AWESOME! My gosh that's beautiful!!!

Daffycat said...

Your WIP is lovely, Valerie! As are the gifts you received!

OMG G looks perfect! I love, love, LOVE it! The frame is gorgeous and the matting is divine! Jill is awesome.

Siobhan said...

I think I would be seriously thinking of keeping that G, too! Wow, Jill really did a great job.

Fantastic finish! I love Christmas Tea, I really need to get it stitched.

Hazel said...

G is stunning!! Oooh lucky you getting some of Staci's fabric. It looks lovely to stitch on. x

Katrina said...

Love your finish!!! I think Jill Rensel does a wonderful job, the mats and frame are gorgeous.

Meari said...

Wow, you got some great stitchy mail! Congrats on your finish. Love the framed project.... Very beautiful, indeed!

Michelle said...

Your letter G looks amazing! The matting and frame do it such justice! And your Christmas Tea finish is wonderful too - I just love that piece!! Can't wait to see how you end up framing it.