Sunday, December 20, 2009

MW Update

Just a quick post today. Super tired and can't believe tomorrow is a workday...again! A lot of the weekend was devoted to laundry, organizing, tidying, finally packing away the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations (yes, really) and digging out my Christmas stuff. I do have to say that I was very spoiled by having a real tree last year because I now realize that my little fake tree is puny! But I like the whole fiber optic effect. Since I wasn't even going to deal with Christmas, digging out the tree and setting it up is a huge accomplishment. Yay me! I don't feel like putting ornaments on it though. It looks nice with the lights, fiber optic and the tree topper.

I did have time yesterday to work on Mary Wigham. I am SALing with Lisa and you should check out hers...she's made great progress so far. As for me...I am a slowpoke! But see Lisa...I'm stitching! lol I do think I have finally mastered two-handed stitching so things may speed up. I've never stitched two-handed before. My left hand is pretty weak so I think I figured out the jabbing motion I need to do to get the needle into the right spot. Here's a terrible photo I took early this morning while it was dark and grey. I'm rarely home during daylight hours and my photography suffers even more in the winter.
I am using 40 count Lakeside Linens Fawn. It's a much darker color than I'm used to but I think my eyes are slowly adjusting. Another thing is that this feels like a higher count fabric to me than 40 count! I had no problems with the 40 count Tundra for Christmas Tea but the weave seems so tight on this piece of linen. I think that's part of the reason I'm being such a slowpoke too. I am using a conversion so graciously created and given by Katrina! Thanks Katrina!! It's a little revised from her original release. I'll list it here for anyone curious:

Blanc - GAST Shaker White
Ecru - GAST Lambswool
225 - CC Dulce de Leche
310 - WDW Charcoal
352 - WDW Red Pear
356 - WDW Baked Apple
407 - GAST Woodrose
433 - WDW Chestnut
435 - WDW Pecan
519 - CC Deep Fennel
725 - WDW Whiskey Edited 12/24: Changed to GAST Gold Leaf
739 - GAST Flax
746 - GAST Straw Bonnet
927 - WDW Dove
930 - GAST Brethen Blue
934 - WDW Juniper
963 - CC Rosy Glow
966 - GAST Grape Leaf
3052 - WDW Kudzu
3768 - WDW Teal Frost
3822 - WDW Huneysuckle
3855 - WDW Straw
3857 - CC Red Currant

The motif I am currently working on is being stitched in WDW Baked Apple. I am hoping that by this time next weekend, I'll have finished this motif and have moved onto another. I also stitched a little on Newton but am still stitching with white. Once I've moved into another color, I'll take a photo.

Until next time...


Theresa said...

Great start on your MW!! Mine is on a long break right now....
My only Christmas effort this year will probably only be a wreath on my door.... Just finished moving and house is in exploded mode.... Maybe I'll be able to get a real tree next year - if we are not moving AGAIN!! (fingers crossed!!)

Jackie said...

Congrats on getting the tree up. I love fiber optic lighting on trees!

I'm glad you had time to stitch this weekend. In the past couple of weeks, I've only had time on my lunch break it seems.

Margaret said...

Isn't it weird how Christmas has just creeped up so fast? I'm glad you got your tree up though! And Mary looks great! I hear you on the darker fabrics -- it really does make a difference in how small those holes look. :D And it's possible also that perhaps the fabric shrank more in the dyeing process?? Who knows! Enjoy xmas week!

Carol R said...

Great start on Mary!

I have no tree even though there is a fibre optic one somewhere in the loft! I filled a vase with white lights - that's looks pretty.

Katrina said...

I really want to get back Mary Wigham. Sorry the fabric is giving you problems.

Hillery said...

Wonderful start. I'm just kitting my MW up. I do need large enough fabric though. I'm going to order from ebay. I've become a follower. Can't wait to see more progress.
Happy Stitching,