Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Couple of Lessons

Hey Everybody...Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice start so far. Mine has been nice but busy, busy! Oof! I even freaked out that I hadn't updated the blog for over a week and then looked and saw it's only been four days. Apparently I'm cramming in two days worth of stuff into one so I feel like all this time has passed.

So, let's see...what have I done? I've thought about stitching and cleaning a lot...oh and organizing stash. Yet none of that has actually come to be. I had a yummy breakfast with Claire at Maverick and a nice walk around the Mission District while enjoying a bright and sunny day in January. Amazing! I also went to my first "Guild" meeting and had a lot of fun and met some really nice and friendly ladies (Hi!).

I got two more motifs done on Mary and started on a third. The white motif is the only one I'm kind of on the fence about. I think it photographs well but the coverage isn't very good with just one strand of Shaker White. I know 2 strands will be way too much so I'm trying to talk myself into the whole "it looks dainty" belief.
I sadly have to put Mary aside for a little bit so I can make a dent in some gifts. *sob* I'm loving Mary and don't want to stitch on anything else!

I've been keeping busy organizing my walk-in closet which was supposed to be a task for last January...as in a year ago! Time to face the ugliness. Since I'm knee deep in paperwork (literally in some spots of my living room), stitching has taken a backseat the last couple of days.

I do have a couple of lessons.

1. Don't throw your paperwork and bills in a box saying you'll organize it next week, next month or next year because the next thing you know, you've got 7 years of paperwork accumulated and it will take you days, maybe weeks to get things straightened out! I'd show you a picture but am too ashamed!

2. If you're an online dater and sign up for a random site, half set up your profile and forget about it because you "don't get it"...someone will find you years later when you least expect it and because a handful of times, you used your online dating email on a part of the internets, they will find your blog. Be diligent! Eff! I feel like I've lost a little of my anonymity and I've been in a relationship for almost a year and a half! I've no interest in dating or anything. Dealing with *the boy* is enough thank you very much!

Speaking of *the boy*, he comes back on Friday. He's got a couple of job leads and we're starting out the year being positive and hopeful. This absence has been particularly hard...over the holidays and the longest one yet. I've warned him he's got a growing "honey-do" list and how I want to go see a chick flick and he's been accepting of everything I've thrown at him. He's already tired of shoveling snow. Methinks I have the upperhand! If he gets out of hand, I'll just threaten to banish him to the frozen tundra of the East Coast! I suppose that's my wild card.

Posts may be scarce in the next week or so with the cleaning and *the boy* being back in town. Stitching will be limited and some of the gift stitching can't be shown on the blog. But I'll be back to at least run my mouth a little bit.

Until next time...


Natasha said...

I like the white on MW reminds me of a hankerchif.

Yeah that white stuff gets pretty old fast especially when you have to shovle like every other hour, one reason I dont live on the east cost any more, though I do miss miss it in a way.

Hope to get together in the coming months

Take Care

Andrea said...

Mary sure is coming along nicely! I'm sorry you have to put her aside for a while. Hope you can get back to it soon!
I am in total agreement with you about the paperwork thing. Oy at the damn paperwork piles around here that need filing!
I love how you call your BF "the boy", too cute! Reminds me of the Sweet Potato Queens books, she referred to hers as something similar, like "cutest boy in the world" or somethin' like that :-)
He's a real keeper if he didn't flinch at your list!

Cole said...

MW looks great, you've made great progress with her!

Good luck getting some stitching time in :)

Theresa said...

Oh Valerie,
Reading your post makes me smile~

I love your MW!!!!! The white looks pretty good to me~

Speaking of paper work, there's a pile on my desk already!!!! And I have just moved here for less then a month, which suppose to be a clean start!!!! Scary things those paper works are....

Anonymous said...

Mary is looking lovely Valerie, the white looks just fine :)

I hear you on the paperwork; we used to accumulate several month's worth before filing it away until I said "no more!" after wasting a perfectly nice summer's day sorting it all out last year (and breaking our little shredder in the process!) Now I'm proud to say that I deal with everything as it comes in and we are finally on top of it all. It's a good feeling! :)

Hope you have a good time with "the boy" when he returns :)

Margaret said...

Oh dear on the lessons learned! I hate paperwork -- we're overflowing over here all the time. Talk about years of accumulation -- literal years and years! lol! Love your Mary! I think the white looks great. But I'm one who likes the "dainty" look, if you call it that. Coverage is no problem for me. (I'm a one thread on 32ct person since I hate using 2 threads -- and I rarely stitch on anything other than 40ct anyway. Or 30ct over one now. :D ) Bummer about having to put it down to work on gifts. Hope your time with the boy is good!

Nicole said...

Mary Wigham looks beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing! Now, I'm wanting to get mine back out! :) Good luck on getting organized. I have papers stuffed everywhere! I really need to get it together! :)

Siobhan said...

Your MW looks great. Good luck on getting stuff sorted... ergh, I hate paperwork!!

Lisa said...

Your MW is coming a long nicely! I love the white, for it not only does it stand out nicely, but give the overall sampler an "antique" feeling. It is funny you mention the word "dainty" for that is the descriptive word that sticks in my mind while I stitch MW too. Maybe it is the one strand on 40 count.

Good advice, as I am definitely a "paper piler - procrastinating filer". It helps to go through and stack all the "like" bills together and then file. Nevertheless, it is not a fun or fast task. Something that I need to do very soon before tax time starts up.

I feel the same way about MW - having to put it down for a bit while getting some of my exchanges stitched and completed. Oh well, I am sure that we will allow for that :)

Take care!

staci said...

I can see why you don't want to Mary down...she's very pretty :)

Branlaadee said...

The white shows up great on the picture and looks good.

I try to deal with the paper as it comes in...*"try" she says looking at 6 inches of papers on her desk*

Xangles said...

Happy New Year, Valerie. Like you, I have a drawer full of bills, papers and other stuff I don't care to remember waiting to be cleaned up :-( I prefer to stitch, though!

Tammy said...

Mary is just beautiful--oh the colors! I hear ya on the anonymity!

Anonymous said...


Katrina said...

Mary is gorgeous, I am so enjoying watching your progress :-).

Love your lessons learned. Hope things go well with 'the boy' and he finds a job quickly and gets that honey do list done.

Missy Ann said...

Ha! I'm currently tripping over a box of papers that need to be shredded every time I go out to the garage. I feel your pain. lol

Good luck to The Boy with the job hunt!

Mary is pretty pretty pretty. :)

Carol said...

Your Mary is just lovely...I can see why it would be hard to put her away!

Good luck with all of your organizing! I must be weird, because I love to organize--it must be the librarian in me :)

Rachel S said...

I think it's really pretty! I love your progress. I am a paperwork hoarder too. I don't know how to get rid of it, short of going off the grid, LOL.

Cheryl said...

Great progress on Mary! I really must look mine out again. I think you're further ahead than me already!

BeckySC said...

MW is looking just lovely :)

Meari said...

#1 - Been there, done that. Not 7 years worth, though. LOL Now, I file my papers right away otherwise I know what will happen!

#2 - I so agree! I use one email addy for the online dating. My other addys are for real stuff.

I'm with *the boy*, I'm sick of shoveling snow, too! But if you're lending him out..... ;-)