Friday, January 01, 2010

A Year in Review

January 1st and it's time to take a look at last year's goals and make some new ones...I hope everyone had a fun NYE. I stayed home, watched CSI, stitched and talked on the phone with *the boy* a few times. I had hoped to have fun, wear my party dress type of plans but maybe 2010 will allow that.

Now onto the review...

2009 Personal Goals

~Lose 10 pounds and keep them off --umm, no!
~Be out of debt in 2009...for reals this time --YES!!!
~Purchase a new laptop --YES...still wish I had a Mac but my PC does a fine job.
~Maintain, stretching and walking --Not really...
~Learn how to sew...enroll in class(es)--YES!

2009 Stitching Goals

~Quaker Friendship Round Robin --Completed and at the finisher
~Peppermint Twist SAL --No, not even started but used a part of the design to make a floss tag that made lots of people laugh
~2009 Christmas Challenge - 12 finished ornaments by the end of the year--Sadly, no.
~Bent Creek Snappers - July through December--done and at the framer
~Trick or Treat Fairy -Mirabilia--Not started
~Fairy Moon - Mirabilia --kind of started (50 stitches) but not really
~4 exchanges/gifts --2 exchanges, 7 gifts
~Keep better track of my finished projects for blogging--the sidebar says I stitched 27 items. Woot! 25 were stitched and 2 were knitted. I still need to keep better track though. I have my journal and may try to set up a online photo journal this year.

Now it's time to reflect on the year to come...

2010 Personal Goals

~Be more positive and happy. This is my number 1 goal. The rest will be icing on the cake.
~Lose those 10 pounds and exercise regularly.
~Save money towards big purchases

2010 Stitching Goals

~Stitch from stash...I can do it...I know I can!
~Continue to limit exchanges (2-4)
~BAPS for me: Mary Wigham, Fairy Moon and L*K Boo Club
~Gifts: Newton, Bless This House, Letter C
~Stitch 12 Christmas ornaments

I think this is manageable! :)

Until next time...


Margaret said...

You're good to keep track of all your goals and stuff. Yours look great! Good luck with them! I think my only resolution is to be majorly better about spending, especially on stash. I hope I can do it. I'm too chicken to say that I'm only going to stitch from stash. lol!

Carol R said...

Great post Valerie - you did well on your both your personal and stitching goals. I vowed to take a walk each day this year but ... it's far too cold to go out walking - the cold air makes me cough too much. Maybe when either my chest is better or the weather is warmer!

Jeanne M said...

Happy New Year Valerie. You got a lot more done in 2009 than I did (but not for lack of trying, I just need more time!) I started exercising last October and still at it but it feels like I have Mt Everest in front of me with all the weight etc I need to lose. One day at a time I guess! Good luck to you for a productive 2010!

Cole said...

Happy New Year! Good job on your goals, that being out of debt one must feel like a huge achievement!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a goal setter myself, but your personal goals are similar to what I would like to do myself, especially the attitude one. Good luck with them this year!

Lisa said...

Wonderful post and a good way to start the new year. I just posted my goals for 2010 - trying to keep them simple and attainable.But I agree with your #1 goal...Happiness. I believe that if you have a positive "happy" attitude there isn't anything that you cannot do. Here is to happiness and here is to 2010! (I hold up my water glass to you!)

Julie said...

Good Luck with your goals for 2010

Happy New Year!

Melissa (TheDailyMel) said...

Your goals sound really good, Valerie! I'm definitely noticing a trend of the "stitch from my stash" goal among stitching bloggers this year. My goal is for 80% stitching from my stash. We can do it!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you -- you have done well on your resolutions from last year! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need to get out of your normal realm and start exploring new places. Sounds like you need to take a long walk along crissy field(may not be new, but it has one hell of a view) collect your thoughts, and maybe grab a cup of coffee along crissy field and people watch a little. if you ever need a walking partner, just ask away. :) Its always nice to meet new people

Laural said...

You did excellent last year! You goals for this year are well set too. I'm not going to be getting stash for awhile.

Siobhan said...

YGG on the goals, both met and future goals. Happy new year!

Andrea said...

Happy New Year Valerie! You did well on your goals for 2009. Well done.