Monday, July 26, 2010


It's hard when the brain and the body are at odds with one another. One wants to go out, meet people and have fun...anything to avoid the silence and the thinking. When it is entertained, it is much happier. The other is tired, worn out, sleepy and not feeling all that well. How can the brain and the body come to a compromise?

I've been feeling sick for the past week. Tired, achy, scratchy throat and coughing. And I've stayed that way all week. I wish I would either feel better or feel worse so I can then feel better. Since I felt beyond tired and germy, I canceled my weekend plans...much to the disappointment of my quasi-stalker, I'm sure. That pains me too because laying about not being able to do anything fun is not my thing. At least not yet. I can't handle that much time that leads to thinking which then leads to sadness which then leads to frustration.

I lasted to about 4pm before I got in the car and took a drive. I figured as long as I wasn't in contact with people, I wasn't infecting them and I had a sudden desire to be at the beach and breathe in some cold, foggy, salty ocean air. The ocean can make anyone feel better whether its bitterly cold Ocean Beach or the tropical sands of Miami. The weather difference between where I live and the beach was a good 15 degrees! I wish I could have taken pictures but it was just fog beyond fog. I was in my element. I walked about, watched the hang gliders, smiled at puppies, enviously saw folks swing dancing and wished I could join them. It was cleansing. Phase one of therapy for the day.

When I had my fill of the fog, I headed to North Beach to get phase two of therapy which translated to this:
Combo slice from Golden Boy
took 10 minutes to upload this photo and it's sideways...damn technology!!

Sacripantina Cake from Stella Pastry
Can I be adopted into this family?! Yum!!

After pizza and cake were gone, I settled in for a Glee marathon. If you didn't grow up as a choir girl who sometimes wished choir was more fun and there were more boys around, Glee can be annoying. I get that. But I love it! I only watched episodes here and there so Netflix is catching me up. Glee was phase three of therapy.

Therapy is sometimes needed especially when the online dating experience of the past week has been getting winked at by 50 and 60 year olds. Seriously...that's in the land of "being old enough to be my dad". I don't care how hot these guys think they are but there is no way I'd go there. Not even if they were millionairres and would write me in their will for a considerable fortune! And frankly, I'm not interested in a "sugar daddy" of any kind. But how did I become this old man magnet?! I'll take the single badge, thank you very much. Things seem particularly dry this go-round in singledom. I wish I could meet a fantastic straight man at the LNS! Somehow, I doubt that's going to happen.

But in the end, I'd be happy if I can meet more people to go out with on a Saturday night. *Everyone* I know is in a totally different place than me. Good for them but incredibly frustrating for me...more than I think they can even understand or remember. So busy trying to meet non-flaky friends too. It's all very busy and time-consuming and hard! Ugh!

*sigh* Someone please pass me the cake!


And now to the stitchy portion of the post. Stitching is therapy as well but it's hard to be productive when you get tired holding up your 8" qsnap. I mean, if I can't even hold that up, how am I supposed to hold myself up in yoga?! Class should be interesting this week. I've done some work on a class project for my crochet class. I still think that knitting is much easier than the crochet. I understand the stitches better but have a harder time fixing my mistakes in knitting. In crochet, I often wonder what I'm supposed to do but I do find it easier to go back and fix a mistake. For example, this project is a market bag. You can see I've done the bottom and am working on the lattice sides. The adjustable ring part was hard! 9DC in loop. What? I need a stitch not a do I double crochet in a loop?! Apparently, it can be done! After like 10 attempts. I'm about half way through the pattern.

(edited 7/27 to add WIP photos)

I'm keeping my new start a mystery for the time being. It sure doesn't look like much right now and between crocheting in grey and stitching in black, I'm getting all bummed out! I need color! So I am debating starting something new that has awesome color or just plugging along.

Since Blogger is being a diva, I'll leave this post here and come back to share more soon!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

Until next time...


Missy Ann said...

Re: Old Man Magnet

My theory, you've reached peak age. Older men are the only ones that *know* you are at peak awesomeness*. That's why they're chasing so hard.

*Not to say you will not continue to be awesome, but let's face it we all peak somewhere. And no where does it say that peak can't last 10 years. :)

Cole said...

Feeling sick is crappy. I sure hope you're feeling better real soon. And I hope Blogger works for you, I'm looking forward to seeing that market bag :)

Oh, and also, you have great taste. Aside from pizza, cake and Glee (some of my personal favorites), we have the same dishes!! haha

Anonymous said...

Start something new, woman! Grey and black are all very well and I'm sure they look lovely and all but I think you might be needing some colour right now :)

Hope you're feeling better soon - take care!

Sally said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Valerie.

Yum that pizza and cake look delicious!

Defintely start something new!!!

Jackie said...

Definitely stitch the black and the gray. You do need some color!

The cake and the pizza look delicious.

Old Man Magnet-UGH! I've always thought of you as in your 30' need to be in Cougar Land!

Hazel said...

Crochet rocks! I been having a very happy hooky time of late. All thanks to a few gorgeous blogs I have been inspired by. Sounds like you had a fab day out at the beach. x

Katrina said...

Hugs!!!! The cake and pizza look really yummy :-).

Hope the 'fog' lifts soon and you start to feel better.

Danielle said...

Ugh! You sound just like me before I met BF. It seemed that all the guys that liked me were my dad's age too. WTF???? The food looked good, though, and walking on the beach is something I love to do, when it's not 100 degrees out, you know? And I love, love, love Glee! And I was not a choir person at all. I just love the music and the stories. Hope you feel better soon! And remember, it's the small things that will get you through this time, and any time. I am a simple person by nature and having a good cup of coffee or something like that goes a long way for me.

natalyK said...

You may want to review our online dating profile to see what is making you an old man magnet. There has to be something in there you can change.
Hope you feel better soon!

Margaret said...

Hope you feel better soon! Glad you got some good therapy in. I think it's easier to fix mistakes in crochet too. lol! I haven't knitted in a while though.

doris said...

There's something to be said for older men. If there's enough of an age difference to make you cringe, that's too old, but it's good to have an open mind.

The other thing I've always kept in mind is that it's infinitely better to be on your own than with the wrong man. Sorry, but I'm rather Pollyanna-ish.

Mmmm ... I'll take some pizza and cake over here, please.

I'm just now seeing your C finish ... very pretty.

Laura said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Valerie. I've got the scratchy throat/summer cold thing, too. And now I want cake thanks to you! Feel better soon.

Pumpkin said...

I like your therapy steps :o) I always find the ocean a good place to clear your head and I did that today too :o)

Ouuuuu...I can't wait to find out what this is!

I hope you do feel better soon. It's no fun feeling crappy and I know what crappy feels like :o(

Lisa said...

We definitely have to get some color in your, grey and fog - oh my! I hope that the sun comes out soon, bringing some color and warmth to you and maybe will bake away the sick-bugs. Both needle projects look good!
Hope to see you soon.
Take care.

Julie said...

Well done on the crochet, it looks great

That cake would have done it for me, it looks so YUMMY!!!

Valerie said...

Valerie, I do hope that you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than being sick in the summer!

Your food therapy looks yummy...I love any kind of pizza. It soothes the soul!

Rachel S said...

That was good therapy for sure. Totally organic, good for mind and body! And there were veggies on pizza so completely healthy.

I totally feel you on the "old man magnet." That happened a lot to me, to the point where I got to wondering what was wrong with me. I realized it's probably over confident old men, LOL. At least they're better than the wierd fetishists, LOL.

mainely stitching said...

Go for the color! Quickly! Maybe it's all that gray in your crafty life that's drawing the old dudes to you. ;)

Take care, and I hope this phase quickly morphs into something happier for you!

Pretty Things said...

I know oh-so-very-well the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed and feeling like hibernating. Kudos for you for getting up! Feel better soon!

Suzanne said...

I hope that you are feeling much better. Pizza and cake sound like the best therapy ever. I think you need lots of colour, start something new!

Meari said...

Yep, I've been an "old man" magnet for most of my post-divorce life. Like you, I'm like what the?? All we can do is ignore them.

Meari said...

P.S. THAT food looks scrumptious!!