Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I'm feeling rather melancholy today. Hormones...wouldn't you know it. They kind of have the tendency to throw me off every once in a while. That plus I had to tell a seemingly nice guy that I was more interested in being his friend and not his date/girlfriend. I don't even know how I got swept into this whole dating scenario to begin with. I thought it was a friend thing in the beginning. I kind of wonder if I did the right thing. I told him that if we did this dating thing, it would have to be slow...because you whole life recently imploded. Recent bad breakup, still sad, still finding myself, feeling skittish, trust has been banged up...yadda, yadda, yadda. He seemed to understand. He's a nice guy...with octopus hands. *sigh* Octopus hands that I wasn't ready to deal with. Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if I was feeling crazy sparks but I wasn't. I just wanted to get to know him and see where things went but mainly...we seemed to enjoy the same things. It was nice to have someone to do the city things I enjoy that I have no one else to go with but apparently, it's dating or nothing. I haven't heard from him since I told him how I felt. So now I feel bad.

And I'm thinking about my birthday which is quickly approaching. I turn the big 3-5. I may just end up having a mid-30's crisis. I've been trying to figure out what I will end up doing. It won't be anything big seeing as my social circle has greatly diminished and I haven't got very many friends here anymore. I don't have a special someone who will take me out to a romantic dinner. And so I'm debating if I just go off and drive myself somewhere for the weekend and have a solo getaway. It's tempting but I am doing all this travel this Fall to begin with and should be saving the money for my trips. Maybe I will just take myself away for the day...hang out with Snoopy and the Gang and visit a winery.

Despite feeling sad, I had a good day yesterday. I helped out at a work event and it was a gorgeous day...perfect time to be out in the sunshine. I had to check IDs since it was an alcohol fueled event and some of the ladies grumbled that they had to show ID. I commiserated with them and told them that I hate being carded too. And one lady goes, "oh yea, you're getting carded and you're only 25!" I had to tell the lady I was really 35 (almost) but being mistaken for 25 made me smile the rest of the day. After doing my time at the event, I met up with a friend for dinner and Eat, Pray, Love. The movie seemed very slow-paced to me but it was enjoyable. I enjoyed the Italy segment the best and of course, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. How come I can't find a cute Jeffrey Dean Morgan look-a-like here?!

I have a happy dance to share. I try to juggle projects but deep down to my core, I'm a one- project kinda gal. It gets kind of boring for the readership so I try to change it up. But with the internet frustrations, I couldn't move away from Simple Joys and I decided to just push through and finish it so I could move onto obligation stitching. This was a little hard since I found a mistake where the three rose flowers are in the bottom portion. I had to frog the last flower and "Simple Life" since I had added extra stitches where there shouldn't have been and it was too far over to the right.
LHN Simple Joys
CC Bean Sprout, Caterpillar, Plum Paisley, Tiny Vine; GAST Schoolhouse Red; WDW Tiger's Eye
32 count Wichelt Platinum

I'm debating whether to leave in my initials or not. They kind of stick out. I'm happy to have finished it and I like my Schoolhouse Red substitution which really brightened the piece up. I'd like to try a box top finish with this piece. That will be a ways off since I don't have a box or any materials for the finishing but that's what I envisioned the whole time I was stitching on Simple Joys.

I have more to my new HUGE recliner...but this is enough chatter for one day. I'll be back with that and my start on obligation stitching.

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

Until next time...


Jackie said...

Your Simple Joys finish is beautiful! I like your initials being there. Keep them.

If you're not feeling it with the guy, you did the right thing. Don't settle for a guy just to have one. Wait for the guy that is worthy of you!

Andrea said...

Oh, I really agree with did the right thing, never settle!. You did the right thing in my opinion, and it just shows your tender heart that you feel for the guy because he's a nice man. But octopus hands? Seriously, that's too much!
Have you seen this video?
I've watched it over and over....even though I'm not alone, it's a concern of mine, that I will be someday and I'd like to remember, or think I'll know, how I'd like to approach it....if that makes sense.

Love your finish, especially the color changes that you made. It's a lovely design.

I hope you have a nice birthday...wish we were closer, I'd bring you some cake :)

Can't wait to see that big chair...I need a new one and need some inspiration!


Katrina said...

Pretty finish!!!! Love it :-).

IMHO, if the guy wasn't for you don't waste your time.

Margaret said...

I love your finish! Gorgeous! And yes, Jackie is right -- wait for the right guy. (I understand how you're feeling though.) Happy early birthday too! I went through a "midlife crisis" sort of thing when I turned 25. lol! What can I say? Been fine since. We'll see what happens when the big 5-0 hits!

Anonymous said...

{{{Valerie}}} Sorry you're feeling sad. I agree with everyone else though, you did the right thing with the guy - no good forcing it, you'll know when it's right for you.

Love your finish, it turned out great, especially with your thread sub :) I shall be getting back to mine tomorrow (well, today now, actually!) and hope to finish it up soon.

Melissa said...

Your Simple Joys is just lovely. What a pretty design and your initials look great there.

*sigh* "the hormones". I so know what that's about. Sorry to hear you're going thru some tough times. Go with what feels right to you and as Andrea said 'never settle!'

Hang in there!

Christina said...

I too will be 'celebrating' (yeah, right!) my 35th birthday next birthday. It's a daunting prospect, made worse by the fact that my husband is 4 years younger! What I try to keep in mind, and this is a bit morose, is that I should be grateful that I've made it to 35, fit and healthy.
Your Simple Joys is lovely. I don't think your initials stand out at all - in fact I had to search for them!
As for Mr Octopus - there's nothing worse when you're not that into him. You made the right decision IMO.

Hazel said...

Awwwww sweetie i wish i lived nearerand i'd take you out for your birthday! Not the same as a guy I know but we'd have tea and cake and go to the beach blah blah. I hope you do something just for you. I turned 35 in June and it's not so bad. Love your beautiful finish too. I think it would look great as a box. You could always ask Vonna as she has a finishing service. x

Vonna said...

Valerie, you remind me of.....ME when I was younger. All I can say is wait and see....there is a plan for you and you'll find your way :) Never settle for something that isn't what you imagined. Your telling Mr. 'pus you'd rather be friends than anything else or more is ok! Don't feel guilty.
I love your simple joys and a box top would be lovely! Keep the initials...I agree V's aren't the most pretty of letters (I have one too remember and my last initial isn't that great either for signatures) but that is who YOU are and I think it looks great! Keep your head up girl!

Carol said...

First of all your finish is so lovely, Valerie--keep your initials! I think this would be beautiful on a box--good luck with however you decide to finish it.

You sound a lot like my sister (although she is a good 14 years older). She has tried dating after a long relationship, but is finding she just isn't ready. You did the right thing...

I'll have to tell you that, in all honesty, my 35th birthday bothered me more than an other--more than 45 or even 55!! And I was married with 3 children so I think it is just the age itself. I'm sure you'll find a way to celebrate yourself and your special day :)

Danielle said...

Simple Joys turned out great!!! As for the dating front, you have to continue to be honest with yourself and not feel bad if you don't feel it for someone. You will know when it is the right person. And you're not doing a service to the guy if you would lie anyway. I say take yourself out for a great birthday.

Danielle said...

And I forgot to mention I loved the initials! I think they look great. I need to start taking notes when I read your posts because I always have so many things I want to say to you! LOL.

Catherine said...

Your finish is lovely!! I like your initials there and I like the color - perhaps if you think they stand out too much, you could change them to one of the other colors in the piece.

Good for you that you were honest with the guy! Hugs!

Deb said...

Simple Joys looks wonderful Val. Woo Hoo on a finish!

And about the guy, if you don't feel it, then don't go along with it. You're doing the right thing. I cracked up with the octopus hands things. Boy, do I remember those well. But if it makes you feel better, I was in a long relationship that broke up, went through the guys I didn't like that well (also with octopus hands) and then met a guy that worked out. I was older than you when that happened. Everything happens for a reason. You'll find exactly what you want in a man.

For your birthday, spent it how you want - pick your favorite place or places and give yourself a great day. You know what they say, "We're all responsible for our own happiness - if we can't make ourselves happy, no one is going to do it for us". So pick your favorites places, your favorite foods and go for it!!

Pumpkin said...

Valerie, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time :o( If you haven't heard back from him, then he's not worth it. Don't feel badly.

As for your birthday, why not do something you wouldn't normally do for yourself? I wish I lived closer because I'd come and celebrate with you :o)

Your finish is lovely and I agree with the substitution that you made. If you're not happy with your initials, why not put one V over on the other side to balance it out?

Natasha said...

Simple Joys turned out great and I do love the substitution you used. Looks better :)

I Can't wait to see you new recliner, I am sure it is extra comfy and all that looking and debating probably really paid off.

I agree if you'r not feeling it you'r not feeling it. I will be on the look out for a Jeffery Dean Morgan look a like and if I find him I'll send him your way, only if he is SANE, Employed and NORMAL do all three exist? LOL I will tell him I have a cute 25 year old friend who is single and ready to mingle LOL Just kidding... Keep your chin up Val. I have a few free Saturday nights coming up a gtg for drink and dinner is in order
Take Care.

Melanie said...

I wouldn't feel too badly about the guy. If you weren't feeling it, you weren't feeling it. Better to say it now than string it along for months.

Hopefully things start to get a little brighter from this point on. :)

Daffycat said...

Ooooo, a new chair to stitch in! What fun.

I came home from the liquor store all chuffed (a couple of years ago) and crowing to DH about getting ID'd. Then DH said, "Sharon, did you write a check?" Well crap! Ruined my whole week.

Jeanne said...

I recently ordered Simple Joys and can't wait for it to come in the mail. Yours turned out lovely - congrats! Sorry you are having the blues....but the grass is always greener let me tell you. I have spent a lot of time recently missing my single days when I had a lot less stress in my life! I hope you find something joyous to do for your birthday and try not to feel bad - 35 is really a great age!

Shelleen said...

I also agree to wait for the right guy. he is out there somewheres. Great job on Simple Joys.

Missy Ann said...

Leave your initials, they look good.

Men suck - if I liked sex with women and they weren't as much of PITA as men I'd be a lesbian. lol

Sadly like you, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Blu said...

Simple Joys looks great!
No advice on the guy front, and when I said something about growing old last week I was told to "let the grown-ups talk now" LOL.

Sally said...

Simple Joys is absolutely gorgeous Valerie.

Hormones I hear you on those! {{{hugs}}}

Julie said...

Pretty finish, beautiful colours in this design

I am so behind on blog reading, hope you are having a better week this week