Monday, September 19, 2011

IHSW Update!

Hello my lovlies...did you all have a nice weekend? I did...but much too short, as always.

It was filled with socialness and I ended up forcing myself to relax on Sunday. Friday, Claire and I went to a little wine bar and had a nice Indian dinner. Nothing fancy but a nice way to end a busy week. Saturday, my new friend and I went on an urban hike in North Beach and Telegraph Hill. I love doing this and never tire of it. It's a more touristy thing to do but I don't care. The views are amazing! I took pictures but am too tired to resize them now so I will treat you all later. After our hike, we stopped at a nice little spot along the Embarcadero to chat and relax over a nice lunch and gaze at the boats gliding by. Definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday! On Sunday, I decided to skip the Scavenger Hunt. The organizer didn't even tell us the meeting spot until midnight Sunday! Being a planner at heart, stuff like that annoys me and I decided that having clean undies was more important than scurrying about in the heatwave we're having. I think that was a good decision since me and hot weather don't mix well; add in the stress of meeting 20plus strangers and then asking random people for things for the "hunt"...meh. I slept in, visited my folks, did laundry and went to the gym.

I'm throwing myself back into the gym. The socialness promotes more drinking and eating and I've been feeling a little jiggly in spots. This feeling wasn't helped by my dad bluntly telling me I've put on weight. Eff! Thanks Dad! Ugh...the old folks have not mastered the art of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" =( You'd think they'd learn by now considering how much I act out when they are not nice.

So gym yesterday (1.8m only since they were closing), today (4.1m) and tomorrow I will try some cardio class to mix it up a bit.

It was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I got a little bit done considering the busy schedule. I finished Rule #9 and started the very boring border on Rule #10. Sorry for the craptastic photo. If I didn't do it may never get posted!

I was hoping to finish all the rules by my roadtrip but I am starting to think that's wishful thinking. Three more rules in one week?! Yea, not going to happen. But I am, so close!

This is a hectic week at work especially in preparation of me being on vacation next week. Woot! My sister is coming into town for a visit on Wednesday since it's my mom's birthday this Saturday and mine is the Saturday after. We are ramping up for the busy part of the year.

Fall TV is starting up! I am so excited! I run the risk of reverting back into my hermity ways and I will have to be careful. It's tempting to just go home after work and assplant into the recliner to watch tv especially since I sense the days getting shorter and the nights growing longer. I would say the weather is getting cooler but we have Indian Summer here and I got home at 7pm to a sauna of an apartment. But the breeze flows in the windows and it feels nice. I have to try and keep a regular routine of gym after work with at least 3 social get togethers a week.

Well, time to peel off and try to stitch a little before calling it a nice.

Until next time...


Hannah - City Stitcher said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend, and you got some stitching done. I hope you have a lovely holiday (I'm also away next week and wishing the time away...)

Siobhan said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Nice progress on your stitching. I probably should be ashamed that I'm NOT ashamed to admit how excited I am about the new shows coming on. We've languished for months w/o anything decent to watch. Now, if Judge Judy would stop showing reruns, I'd be a seriously happy camper. ;)

Have a great week!

Margaret said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Always good to have some stitch time too. Your stitching is looking good. I think parents are never afraid to tell it like it is. lol! My father always speaks his mind for sure.

Veronica said...

Your weekend sounds like fun. Look forward to seeing the pictures you took. Christmas Rules is looking great. I think you made good progress in spite of the busy weekend you've had.

Giovanna said...

Nice going on the Rules! Glad you had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

CR is looking great Valerie, it's really coming along :)

Glad you had a nice weekend, even if your Dad was a bit blunt about the weight thing! I'm feeling a little "jiggly" (actually, more than a little!) in certain spots too! I don't do gyms (never have) but I'm going to be spending some serious time this afternoon with my new skipping rope and some "Lose your Jelly Belly" exercises I found on Pinterest (I hate exercising but it's either that or have to invest in a whole new wardrobe!)

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on catching up ;o) Your CRules looks great and I'm sure you'll be done long before the end of the year! LOL!

Lissanne said...

Sounds like a busy, busy weekend! Love how your rules are looking!!

Shelleen said...

You sure have been busy. Your rules is coming along.

Melanie said...

Hope you have a nice vacation next week!!!!!

mainely stitching said...

Have a great time with your sister! Wonderful stitching, too. :0

Joysze said...

I think what you craptastic photo looks really good. ;)

Have fun with your sis!!!

Oh yeah.... my DVR'ed already jammed with schedules.... we'll see if I actually make it to watching all of them.

Daffycat said...

Assplant. ROFLMAO

You crack me up, Valerie!

Catherine said...

You sure do keep busy! My mother has never been one to mince words when it comes to my weight - I tell her it's in my genes and that tends to quiet her down!

I know what you mean about the new shows - I'll have to be careful not to be spending too much time in front of the tv - unless I'm stitching at the same time!

Enjoy your vacation!

Carol said...

Oh, I'll bet you're counting the minutes 'til you're on vacation, Valerie! I hope it's a good one and that you get all relaxed and energized :)

Yay for fall TV! I seem to stitch more when there is actually a show on that I'm interested in rather than boring re-runs. Watched "Revenge" last night and really enjoyed it :)

My mom does the same thing to my sister about her weight and it really upsets her. It is so thoughtless--I mean my sister knows she's put on a few pounds, but she is far from obese. Not sure what's up with these mothers!!
Hang in there with the gym workouts--I love how they "calm me down" and energize me :)

Enjoy your vacation--take lots of photos!!

Sally said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Valerie:)

Love your L*K.

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I miss the gym, but these days I just don't have any spare time to fit it in.

My mum had a go at me about how big I was getting during my pregnancy. She really knows how to make me feel good about myself.