Monday, March 17, 2008

Highlights from the Weekend

My weekend was fairly productive and unassuming. I didn't have any major plans other than chores and was actually pretty focused on getting them done...for a change. I would make the worst wife. I detest cleaning...dishes, vacumming, dusting, laundry, organizing. I dislike all those things yet, I like a clean house. Go figure!

But it was a good weekend. I treated myself to a manicure/pedicure...and already managed to chip a nail. Ack! How does that happen?! I ordered take-out which I am still eating. I only do this once in a while because then I remember why I don't order take-out after eating the same thing for four days. It was yummy chinese food though so I'm not totally complaining but I probably will not be eating chinese again for a while now. I took the car in for it's oil change and headed to my parents for a visit and the opportunity to wash my four garmongous loads of laundry. Yes, I'm 32 and still wash my laundry at the folks. I got some decent stitching time in which is proven by my recent Sweet Dreams post and I managed to get a trip into the city in. I drove in yesterday to visit with my friend Kevin who I only get to see on Sundays, once in a while, because we have completely opposite schedules. We went to eat at the Bell Tower in Russian Hill where I had a huge, yummy bacon cheeseburger with fries and Newcastle beer. The waitress made some comment about how I was eating a "guy's meal". Yep, that's right. Every once in a while, a girl will gorge herself and eat a huge burger with beer and we're okay with it. We don't have to eat salad all the time! She was probably all freaked out that I'd eat like that in front of a guy but I have no shame. After lunch we headed to the theater to see The Bank Job. It was a beautiful day so we walked from Russian Hill to the AMC and managed to get in before the movie got crowded. It was a great movie with good actors although the only one I really recognized was Jason Statham, who I think is a cutie. It had suspense, excitement, sadness and humor. All around, all the things you look for in a good film. I do have to mention that while Kevin was checking out Saffron Burrows on the screen, the lady who chose to sit next to me was driving me berserk. I always get the weird ones when I go to the movies...the talkers, the cringers, the invading my space-ers. I always get to a movie early to scope out my spot and get comfy but people who make me move at the last minute because they are late annoy me. As do the people who check their cellphones repeatedly during the movie and the super bright glare in a super dark theater distracts me. And don't even get me started on people who think it's okay to have a phone conversation during a movie. Those people...get yelled at. Like I said, I have no shame. If I'm going to a movie, I sit down, shut up, turn off my phone and pay attention to the movie. I would hope that others do the same. Uh-oh...looks like I went on a mini-rant there. Anyways, this lady next to me kept putting her large bag in my legroom area and I kept knocking into it. Anyone who knows me in person knows I need my legroom as I'm more legs than anything else! As if having her huge bag in my way wasn't enough, she kept grabbing it and rooting around in it for who knows what and anytime anything potentially violent came up on the screen, I heard "oh god, oh no, I don't think I can watch" commentary and she cringed and covered her eyes. She did this through the previews and throughout the movie! Sorry lady, but if the movie is too violent for you, you should have gone to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day or Horton Hears a Who. I'm sure those are just as enjoyable but considerably tamer movies for someone so scared of violence. The movie was called The Bank bank robbery ever goes smoothly in any know there will be guns involved and people may potentially be hurt. It's the standard "recipe" for that type of movie. Despite the distractions, I was still able to pay attention, follow along and enjoy the movie though.

After the movie, we walked back to Russian Hill to collect the car and I was amazed that for 630pm, the sun was out, the sky was blue and despite the coolness in the air, the evening was perfect. It was such a beautiful day and I was just happy to be out in it. And that was the end of the weekend.


Barbeeque4 said...

OMG - I could rant and scream along with you about going out to the movies.....that is the main reason I infrequently go out and wait for the DVD. Not only are most contemporary movies worthless (IMHO)but then you have to deal with the absolutely rude audience and usually the children that accompany them!!! I could go on and on.....

That fire in the mission.. I had know idea was even going on, as my main view is really over the valley to down town and this was in the mission and you have to look more right, We were leaving to go pick up dinner and saw all the smoke.... if it hadn't been for that run to Alice's we would have been clueless.

K in NY said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Your wine cabinet looks great, glad it all worked out in the end and C&B did the right thing.

Um, I'm probably the annoying person sitting next to you in the movie theater. I'm very machpid about not interfering with anyone's personal space, but I like to knit during movies and C and I usually whisper. (Non metallic needles so there's no clicky noise of course!) We rarely sit right next to people though and haven't been shushed in years... or maybe they don't want to mess with the girl with the pointy needles ;-)