Sunday, March 16, 2008

Santa Baby...

I spent a good amount of time working on Sweet Dreams the last couple of days. In fact, I can't seem to put it down even though there are loads of other things I should be doing. I think I just have to admit that I am a one project type of girl. Although I need to try and change it up. The last week had been productive in the stitching department. I've finished all the stitching in Santa and am about half way through his goodie bag...just three presents and the drums with drumsticks and I can move up the side to the top border. I am hoping that once I reach that halfway mark, I can bear to tear myself away enough to make a decent start in Fairy Moon. For all my talking about how I was so eager to start her, I haven't even made one single stitch. This project has me pretty engaged and distracted enough as it is. I think part of my hangup is the dark fabric. It's beautiful fabric but my eyesight isn't what it used to be (ok, let's just admit here that my eyesight was never what it could have been considering I've been wearing glasses for the past 22 years!). Since most of my stitching is done at night and my eyes are tired from staring at a computer all day, the lighter fabrics seem more appealing at the end of the long day. I just haven't had any daylight time to attempt the start of Fairy Moon...soon though...very, very soon.
Say hi to Santa! Hope you've been good so far this year. You don't want to make the naughty list! I'll have to put Santa aside this week. I really need to work on my exchange piece as it has quite a distance to travel. I already know that I will have to devote part of next weekend to goodie and notions purchasing, construction and mailing. Should be interesting as this will be another "first".

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