Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quick Weekend Post

It's late and I should be getting nice and cozy with my down comforter right now so I can catch up on my ZZzzzZZZzzz's and be refreshed in the morning but fact of the matter is that I'm usually a zombie first thing in the morning and coffee will be a necessity in the a.m.

I had a nice weekend which was all over the place. I did have two dates with the "new" new guy and I have to say, I am having a terrific time! Time completely flies and it just leaves me floored! Friday we headed into the city for a tapas dinner in the Mission. We started the night off with some crummy sangria. Sadly disappointing as I love me some sangria and I can make a pretty mean batch. Dinner was fairly good with the exception of the shrimp which was marinated in a good head of garlic. Gah! But as I keep saying, we can be left to our own devices and get along ok. After dinner, we walked in search of a lowkey bar to hang out in and continue our conversation. We found a Greek wine bar and managed to while away a couple more hours despite the weirdness of a Greek wine bar. They pretty much kicked us out as we didn't want to drink anymore and we headed to the car. I was shocked to find that it was already past midnight! We had managed to fill 5 hours with laughter, conversation, joking, wine and food. I had a great time and the company was steller. I had mentioned to him that I wanted to go to the Stanford to catch the last day of the Hitchcock Festival and he said that he would like to come along hence two dates in one weekend. Since he wanted to come along, I wasn't about to drag him to the double feature as that's a long time to sit in a theater. He picked The Birds and so he picked me up today and we headed to Palo Alto. We both needed a pick-me-up and we headed to a cozy coffee shop and sat outside to chat and catch up on the week. We headed over to the movie and let me tell you, those birds in the movie are scary! It was my first time watching The Birds...I don't know if I can look at birds the same way again! After the movie we enjoyed the brief organ music and then headed out in the cold to try and find a place we could tuck into and chat somemore. We accomplished that and whiled the hours away. NNG (new new guy) dropped me off back at home 7.5 hours later. Yep, it was a long date that didn't seem to last longer than the lenth of the movie! Me and NNG have a ton in common. Bay area upbringing, catholic schooling, immigrant parents, spanish, snarky, sarcastic humor, entertaining mannerisms and local residences. But we aren't so alike that it's boring. My mannerisms crack him up and his crack me up. We are both entertainers. I'm not sure if people understand what I mean by that. Usually, I'm the entertainer on dates, the one that talks the most...trying to get that other person to get out of their shell. I have no shell...not really...I go into dating with a "what you see, is what you get, take me as I am" type of an attitude because I know I will not change and I don't expect anyone to change for me either. I've dated so much that dates don't really faze me until real, true feelings start to mix in. I am the one who entertains...chatty, asks loads of questions, I have funny stories and I'm a good entertainer...but I am pretty tired of playing that role. This is a guy where the entertaining is 50-50 and I enjoy that. We click, we communicate amazingly well and we have fun. I am completely looking forward to seeing him again.

I did go to NiaH on Saturday to pick up the Bent Creek Love You Mom chart. I was hoping to grab the stuff and run but Mary noticed that the colors called for in the chart weren't really true to the picture image and I ended up spending 1.5 hours trying to pick out just the right browns for the project. I'm not even sure I'm really happy with my choices but I wasn't very awake at the shop because of my late night the day prior. I'll have to ransack my stash to see if I can find something better. I didn't really get stash...just the chart, fabric and three threads for the project plus one goodie for my exchange partner and some flossaway bags in the hopes to get organized so no good stash pics this time around. The rest of the day was spent running errands, tidying up and attempting to get through Lesson 1 of my work-related class. I managed to get through it all with just one missed question and minimal frustration.

It was a busy, hectic weekend which was enjoyable but did not provide any time for stitching or finishing. I am behind and must work on finishing my exchange project tomorrow as it needs to be posted by Friday. Oh and it has such a long way to go! I had hoped to have this all done last week. How did I get so behind?!

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Carol said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend!
And a trip to NIAH too - I am envious.