Monday, March 03, 2008

Prime Rib, Date #4 and The Sopranos

Weekend Recap...gosh, the weekend seemed like a Whirlwind!

Friday was nice. I got off work a little early and headed into the city to pick up my new futon cover. I still need to put it on the futon though but that will happen tonight. After that errand, I headed to meet some friends for a much awaited dinner at House of Prime Rib. Mmmmm, yummy! I'm not much of a meat eater but when I do, I do it in style! I love this color tones, old-school vibe and great service. Dinner was fabulous. The only disappointment I had was that they couldn't make a decent sidecar. It was actually pretty bad and I had to send the drink back. I figured for an "old school" establishment, thay'd have the sidecar down pat but they didn't. So I opted for a nice glass of pinot noir instead. And the wine was probably a better compliment to the meal in the end. After dinner, we caught up over coffee. Seeing old friends is always great fun!

Saturday was Date #4 with the new guy and my hesitations and concerns really rang true throughout the date. I haven't had butterflies from the very beginning and butterflies are really important to me. Not to mention I planned EVERY date. I wasn't feeling very comfortable with some things he had shared with me and I feel it best to keep this as the last date. I'm not dating to be the planner and the entertainer for yet another person and frankly, telling a guy where to take me makes me feel like a golddigger girl...which I am not. I tend to get a long better with assertive guys who know what they want. I tend to be the bossy planner in all other realms in my life but when it comes to dating and a potential romantic relationship, I want to feel like I'm the girl...not the assertive bossy planner bossing my guy around. So the new guy goes bu-bye and I'm back to square one. May not be so bad as the next month will be crazy busy at work and as if I didn't already have my hands pretty full, I have a work-related class starting up at the end of the month. I'll be lucky to make any huge progress in any of my bigger projects! After the date, I headed home and had myself another Sopranos mini-marathon. It was quite fun to just sit back and watch the drama unfold as I stitched more on my stocking. I'm almost down with all the stitching in the tree. That tree has seemed to take me forever. Once I truly finish the stitching, I'll share a picture.

The rest of the weekend was spent running errands and visiting with my folks. Pretty tame stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I looked at oldler posts on your blog and saw you have bought Quaker Christmas. Watch out for this one. There are lots of errors in the charting. Errors in the first big one on the left. Lots of errors on the one under and on the right side of the bird. Watch out too for that first design at the top left; it's one row lower than all the other motifs along the top. I'm stitching it over 1 on 26 count linen. Maria S.